Shin Akuma/Gouki glitch in T. Hawk's stage

When fighting Shin Akuma in T. Hawk’s stage (used Final Burn Alpha to emulate ST, with P2 Char Select = Akuma being the only cheat used), I noticed that he is able to perform Shoryuken(s) in the air. Anyone seen this happen?

Emulator + cheats = Things that will never happen in a real match !

Anyways I remember a couple of times when ST CPU would go crazy and do air specials, happen to me twice once Chun Li walking in the air and doing Kikokens and the other time with Fielong doing Air Rekka Kens, arcade version CPS2 no emulator !


Not really.

Uh… yes it is.


Stop being wHierd Bryan…

The video is not relevent because this video has been covered in the SRK archives and the result was that this video had been done with a cheat. Both Bentoudari and t.akiba were asked for info.

I prefer the rounds where time runs out after you start a super and the opp has more life and still loses with super screen.