Shin Akuma in 3S and Hugo in NG!?

shin akuma even has his own background. i’m gonna try and do some hacking to find the conditions for fighting them. you can get the codes for accessing the character/stage here (thanks to Eiji of mugen guild).

EDIT: Meant to say Hugo in NG

RE EDIT: seems this was discovered in the CPS3 board…

I was just gonna post this. Good stuff.

Thanks for this info.

Seeing as how the game’s been out for what, 8 years now, I’m pretty sure if it were possible to fight against Shin Akuma, someone would have done it by now.


Hugo in NG

Walking (forward and backwards) are incomplete sprites. missing a shitload of sprites though, and there for blinks in and out of existance upon getting hit, etc. Game crashes when you use him too (usualy during one of those blinks).

It’s possible that he was “dummied”… meaning the code for him was there, but a way to access him either was never coded or was removed. Hence, just playing the arcade cab, there’s no way to get to him. But by screwing around with the ROM (much easier now due to emulation), you could hack a way to access him.

Heh, the thought of Shin Akuma in 3S being discovered via emulation actually crossed my mind during the CPS3 emulation hubbub a week or so ago. His background palette swap is pretty sweet.

Hugo in NG is very interesting. Seems he was planned from the get go, but just not finished in time for NG’s release. I remember someone else found graphics in either NG or 2I for the name “Andore”, so the name change might have been a last minute thing.

Those incomplete sprites of Hugo are pretty interesting. Gives a bit of insght into the creation process.

Thats pretty rad. I hope to see some sprite rips of the palette swap for Shin Akuma’s stage. Does anyone know if there are any palette swaps for Shin Akuma’s costume?

Nice research. Gives some insight on how the game was being developed and why NG felt so incomplete.

If you notice, only his stance sprite has all the shading on it (the rest seems flat).

Of course, you’ve no doubt noticed the numbers there, those being animation states and all.

Interesting to note that while the stage ‘beam’ points at Munich, it says ‘In Moscow’.

Also, when fighting in Munich, all the characters are there in round 1, but when round 2 starts, the stage becomes nearly deserted.

—After some more playing around—

Ooh… here’s something neat… Hugo’s SA selection.

I’m gonna see what else was being worked on in NG. Maybe Urien?

He only has two costumes apparently (and one appears to just be Akuma’s HP). You guys should read the CPS3 thread, everything is there once there is any kind of progress.

I’m familiar with the process, and that’s what I figure happened as well. I’m just saying by him looking for conditions to fight them is somewhat pointless, seeing as how we know the conditions are basically "Use emulator and set flag to ‘Fight Shin Akuma’.


wow, those incomplete sprites are pretty cool. might be a clue to the methods capcom use for making their sprites.

Shin Akuma is definitely there. Differences from regular akuma that I’ve spotted so far:

Double air fireball
Air hurricane kick has gimpy animation
flames are yellow
no demon flip
no d,d,d+ppp super and don’t move forward
when he hits people with air moves he bounces away funny, I didn’t play much second impact but I think it’s similar

if anyone finds any other differences they should post 'em here

Shin Akuma just wasnt done. They axed him before everything was finished for him. The “gimpy” air hurricane glitch is a prime example of this, because for a second, he blinks out, and you see what looks to be the small health bar portrait he would have used float under him.

I believe there’s a lot of unused stuff in 3s rom.
The 3s gamest mook had sketches of lots of moves that didn’t make the game in the end, but maybe at least some of the moves where done, if only partially.

I hope there’s a way to restore Hashin-sho to Ibuki and to have 2I sean
it would make the game more interesting
does Shin Akuma have different winquotes?

Can someone get a screenshot of this?

A lot of that sounds like 2nd Impact Shin Akuma. all the shotos had that property on their crouching kicks, and of course he didn’t have that super yet. I’d have to see the bounce to confirm that.

Can you guys post up some vids of these hidden gems please?

I’d love to see the beginings of Hugo and his stage in New Generation.

And Shin Akuma and his stage in 3rd strike

I posted some images of Hugo in NG a few posts above. I suppose I can rip whatever sprites he has, for you. A video is kind of overkill. Also, I’ll check to see if he had I stage in NG, I dont think he did.

Also, I’ll see what i can do about Shin Akuma’s Stage. I can simply rip that, aswell. He has this neat little intro (if you pick Shin Akuma) aswell, where he jumps off a cliff/ledge in the background, onto the battlefield, as the camera scrolls down.

new hidden character in 3s, click smiley :lol:

also anyone noticed that sometimes if you air parry with shin akuma the other guy get immediately knocked out of the air, without even pressing a follow-up attack? weird.

OMG this is UBER Tier! :china:
I so wish I could be 4WD ;). Kewl stuff, thannks for the post.