Shin Akuma's Ultra

Just wondering, how many people thought of this when they saw Shin Akuma’s second ultra? Might be a Naurto thing somewhere but it’s the one I remembered. Odd though, watched a lot of anime and it was a few years ago when I saw FLCL.

Just skip it to 4:00

I guess I could see the similarity

Nice reference btw, thats one of my favorite scenes in anime

talk about anime, evil ryu has a hole in his chest, hollow like BLEACH

Oni. It was driving me crazy, couldn’t help but correct you. His name is ONI.

Shin Akuma isn’t in this game.

Including Shin Akuma in the same breath of this new slob is an insult.

Im dyin to see what Oni’s combos/options are like because:

no 2 hit roundhouse!
no demonflip!
no air fireball!
no teleport!
no combo/sweepable lk tatsu!
no vortex!

what the frigg is he gona do apart from mindf*@k!? I hope that Shin Akuma is scheduled on the roster because Oni’s playing style seems like it will be something totally different from Akuma, which is refreshing in a sense beause its original but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of all Akuma players that want justice for that stupid U2 spinny thing (me included) Oni’s U2 should have been Akuma’s U2 ages ago! We all want to see a “proper” Shin Akuma and although I like many aspects of Oni, like his hair, animation on Ultras, Mini Misogi, air Raging Demon/Dashes I cant help but feel pissed at the fact theres no demon flip, teleport, tatsu bnb! full normal or air fireballs?? How can u have Raging Demon but no Demon Flip!!! I hope the Capcom Moles are reading this!

Shin Akuma is the boss mode Akuma you fight after Seth, Oni =/= Shin

oh and Little Busters ftw