Shin Bison

I’m training myself to defeat Shin Bison without continuing. I’m using Sagat, because he’s my favorite. I know I’m almost there, because I’ve beaten him three times in final battle mode (on the PlayStation version). The first and second times, I had to retry. But the third time, I beat him the first try. My final test will be to beat the original arcade version without continuing, because as you know when you lose to Shin Bison in there, you don’t get a second chance. But once I beat him in the arcade version without continuing, my training will be complete.

Just to be curious, how hard was Shin Bison for you guys? Was it a piece of cake? Or did you have to try several times to overthrow him? Tell me!

I think the PS1 version of Alpha 3 was the one where you had to unlock a bunch of stuff by beating Bison with every character? I dunno, something like that. All i remember is going through the whole cast on my roommate’s PS1 for some reason. At first it took a few tries per character but after a while you can tell all of his patterns and it becomes easy with any character. For example he always uses his super after a handful of specific setups. The most common one is when he does the Headstomp then comes down next to you and immediately does the super. If you can see it coming then you just block and get a free combo when it’s done. Good luck.

One more Question:

Does a slower speed make the game easier? Because I always play it on Turbo 2. And I figured maybe that’s why it’s so hard. Because I’m playing it too fast.

No. That didn’t help.

Oh this is so frustrating! Help! How do I beat him!?

erm… he has a really simple pattern…

I’m sorry.

That little outburst I had in my last post was because I got so frustrated trying to beat the game without continuing. Does it really even matter?

Does it matter if I can beat Shin Bison without continuing?

Is it easier with less speed and less damage?

Could you teach me how to overthorw him?

If you could answer these questions for me, then you’ll make me feel a lot better. Because by trying to beat him, I forgot how fun the game could really be.

Ummm…I never found Shin Bison to be too difficult myself. I’ve even managed to get hit by the Huge Mega-Ass Psycho Crusher Blue Beam of Cheezy Death and STILL comeback to win. Seriously, he has set-ups for the Psycho Crusher…which mostly come after a Head Stomp. He rarely does it on random on the ground, so I never fear on playing foot games with him.

When he crouches, he is preparing to launch a Psycho Shot, so that’s my cue for some major punishment.

Personally, I find A1 Bison to be a LOT harder than Shin Bison.

He also Psycho Crushes after a normal Skull Dive, which is the follow up from the Head Stomp. And I remember him doing this exact same pattern on SFA2, once he has at least one level of super. Don’t know about SFA1, and I don’t know if he does this still on CvS2 when his super’s full.

He’s not too hard. He fights reeeaaal dumb, and he’s not absurdly cheap like Gill… just sort of cheap. Just watch his super meter, and stay out of the air when it’s full. After a while, you’ll start to notice that he always does the same few things before he whips out the super psycho crusher. Block it, punish it, and remember that he likes to teleport a lot. So be economical and quick with your moves.

And, if all else fails, remember that he is an end boss, and thus, he doesn’t provide any especially useful skills for real gameplay. It’s not the end of the world if he manages to cheese you to death.

After a scissor kick whatsit, jusat sweep him Rinsem repeat, you win. I can’t say this is good training because cpu will get hit over and over by predictable shit that a human will punish. But if your comp can’t block low, I guess this is good training?

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll put it to good use.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my favorite game of all time. I was a total fool to think otherwise.

stop playing the computer

Some people don’t have a choice. They could either play the computer, or with friends who don’t play fighters.


  1. Crouch and whiff a jab or a short. This will force him to do one of two things.
    1a. Crouch and charge for Psycho Shot. All you do is walk close enough that your character can jump over the inevitable fireball and get your free combo. On wakeup return to 1.
    1b. Teleport directly behind you. Since you whiffed a quick move you’ll have plenty of time to CH him then juggle.
  2. If he does anything other than crouch or teleport, just block. The only other things he does is attempt to do j.RH, c.MK XX Scissors; j.RH, Scissors; Head Stomp XX Devil Reverse(or just Devil Reverse), Psycho Crusher(or Scissors if he doesn’t have meter); or just Psycho Crusher.
    2a. Either reverse off the c.MK, or block and punish.
    2b. Reverse after j.RH, or block and punish.
    2c. AA, or block and punish.
    2d. Block and laugh.

This will really help now. Thank you.

EDIT: I figured out a way to make it a little easier. When the match starts, just block until he does the Psycho Crusher. Nothing he’ll do can prevent you from blocking it. That will make life a little easier.

So I proved myself wrong. The game’s not so frustrating once you figure out a technique.

Although I understand your intention, some folks aren’t blessed with many good local players, so the computer is just about the only way to go.

My local arcade has maybe four or five guys that I see a couple of times out of a month, which more often than not leaves me with only the computer as my opponent. Maybe once a month, I’ll put in some miles and visit a decent arcade with good competition, but it’s not something I can do on a regular basis. I’m willing to bet that this is pretty much the case for the majority of SF players in this country, unfortunately.

i can beat shin bision with almost only rh…after sisscor kick he never blocks low and he zones badly with fireballs, u can scare him into teleporting by attempting wakeup crossover. if he ticks u midscreen he wont do anything clever after them. if he telepots near you, do a string of moves that dizzy the hell out of bision or whatever combo is nastiest. relax and keep beathing his repeative moves, no fear.

How about 2 Shin Bisons with unlimited super gauge at the end of world tour mode?

They weren’t that hard from what I remember.

I haven’t played this mode in A3 in years. You’re in good shape if you can keep them both on the same side of you, but once you’re in between them, you’re pretty much fucked.