Shin Bison

Heh, then it’s like any other dramatic battle. =p They didn’t tech throws that well from what I remember. And the usual sweep on wakes bug worked on them too, IIRC.

use an alpha counter (a-ism,v-ism) to get past the psycho crusher. You wont hit him but you will be at an advantage since you wont be in block stun anymore when he teleports.

Without even worrying about his patterms, I just turtle like crazy until he does his super (which you can’t air-block, only ground-block). Once that’s gone, he’s hopeless. Pummel him from the air and he’ll go down quick.

I love V-ism Geif for that. Go into custom combo in the air, and splash/low-jab rinse and repeat, finishing with a command-grapple of your choice. He’s history in no time. Really, anyone else is the same. Once that super of his is gone, he’s useless.

But yes, play humans whenever you can. If you’re like me and don’t have regular access to others who play fighting games, check out Kawaks/MAME + Kaillera.

I beat him with Z-Dan.
I just basically did l. qcb+k to get in front of him and “combo”

But anyways, I personally think MOTM Bison was harder.

I’ve got it!

DOOM is my favorite game of all time! It’s fun, easy to beat, and doesn’t make me upset! And with its 5 difficulty levels, I’ll always come back for a challenge!

Street Fighter will be one of my favorites now.

MOTM Bison is a vastly different experience from character to character. Sometimes, he’s a tough fight, and sometimes, he folds faster than the Flash on laundry day. SFA3 Bison is a little more consistent, since he basically does the exact same shit no matter who he’s fighting.

i used to have a hard time… then i started playing fighting games with friends and other players… and he was cake after that… playing with good people for a day > training mode for a year.