Shin Budokai 2 a.k.a. Another Road

Shin Budokai 2 is a fighting game made for the PSP. It is created by Dimps (the same guys who made the ps2 Budokai games), so it has the same base gameplay as the DBZ: Budokai series. Although, there are changes to Budokai formula, many of them are for the better. Also, the game is supported by XLink Kai which means online play is go.

Changes include:

  • Hyper Mode and Dragon Rush are both removed.
  • Capsules are removed. Everyone has complete move list.
  • All characters begin the round with 3 Ki meters.
  • There is a guard meter.
  • Everyone has an Ultimate, and it is done with up+Circle.
  • All Ultimates cost 5 Ki meters instead of 3.
  • You can only choose one Transformation for each fight, it is done with down+Circle.
  • Transformation is always available at 4 Ki meters.
  • Dodging uses less Ki.
  • Adds Aura Burst, Aura Guard, and Burst Charge techniques.
  • The game can be played with the screen angled like Budokai or Tenkaichi.

I’m sure there are more changes, but I’m not a Budokai expert.


  • Press R to activate Aura Burst. When activated your character will be surrounded by energy.

  • From Aura Burst you can press Square for a dashing attack that will stun the opponent if it hits.

  • You can press Triangle for a dashing attack that will stagger the opponent if it hits, and guard break the opponent if it is blocked.

  • You can press any direction to dash in that direction.

  • If you use any Circle move while in Aura Burst, then the energy attack will be fully charged (this includes a full set of the standard energy shots).

  • As long as you are moving, you will stay in Aura Burst, and Ki will constantly drain.

  • Press R while holding Cross to activate Aura Guard. When activated your character will not take damage from anything.

  • You can perform nothing while in Aura Guard, it is just used to block. Though it can be canceled into a Ki Charge.

  • The guard can be broken with a throw, or any attack that breaks guard.

  • As long as R is held you will stay in Aura Guard, and Ki will constantly drain.

  • Pressing L while in Aura Bust will activate Burst Charge. Once Burst Charge is activated your character will get a character specific boost until it runs out.

  • Example boosts are higher damage/defense, reduced Ki use, and healing.

  • This can be done once per round, and last for about 12 seconds.

Character list is as follows:

Goku (Base, Kaioken, SS, SS2, SS3, SS4)
Teen Gohan (Base, SS, SS2)
Gohan ( Base, SS, SS2, Elder Kai Unlock Ability)
Future Gohan (Base, SS, SS2, Elder Kai Unlock Ability)
Vegeta ( Base, SS, SS, Majin)
Trunks (Base, SS)
Future Trunks (Base, SS)
Krillin (Base, Unlock Potential)
Piccolo (Base, Fuse with Kami)
Frieza (Final Form, 100% Full Power)
Android #18
Cell (Perfect Form, Super Perfect Form)
Majin Buu
Super Buu (Base, Gotenks Absorbed, Gohan Absorbed)
Kid Buu
Cooler (Base, Final Form, Meta Cooler)
Broly (Base, LSS)
Gotenks (Base, SS, SS3)
Vegito (Base, SS)


At any rate, Discuss.

sound good ill try it out

Old game is old. Call me when they announce a sequel. (btw, this game is good…it plays like Budokai for ps2, but it’s better cuz they got rid of all the “need capsules to do full movelist” bullshit)

I understand the game is old, but it never got its chance at SRK. It is a better version of the Budokai games that we all know and love, and deserves some play. Especially since it is playable online via Xlink.