Shin Budokai Combo Video

So. The new Budokai game is out, and it does rock. Gone are the gimmicky game modes and button mashing beam wars. Gone are the long, cinematic supers. In are real-time supers (Street Fighter-style), a new style of attack called Aura Bursts (which can be used for guard breaks, links, fake outs, and hyper fast dashes), as well as a revamping of the original concept for the attack buttons. The new game is considerably faster paced than B3 was, and has many beneficial gameplay alterations (for example, all characters now start with 3 bars of Ki, regardless of their baseline). If you own a PSP, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

And…I made a combo video for it! You can find it here. I hope everyone enjoys it! Feedback, whether positive or negative, is always welcome.

I have the game, its pretty good, how did you do that thing with trucks where you hit them away and you instantly got behind them to hit them again and again?

I’m kinda surprised at how frequently that question comes up.

Press R, or whichever button you have assigned to Aura Burst, when you do a move that smashes them through the air. You can also learn more about other techniques that appear in the video by reading the FAQ I wrote on it here. Hope this helps!

Excellent work, as usual. How did you get such clear video capturing on PSP? And what’s the name of that song?

Edit: Song name is “I Want Out” from Generator Gawl

Nice vid man, just like the other DBZ ones, haha.
My penis aproves!!:tup:

You made this using a PSP game? How’d you manage to get the video capture done?

thanks, also, I would also like to know how you captured video from your psp.

Through my work, I have access to one of the PSP development units. I used it to record during my breaks/lunch.

You mean you have somekind of beta kit? Or is it a actual PSP unit?

I always love your vids Goryu, great work on this!


good shit man keep up the good work

Damn dude, that was sick. Great combos, the music was cool, also!

So…is this basically Budokai 3 for the PSP? And if so, do you still have to jump through forms for characters like Cell? Because Perfect Cell is soooo badass… ^^

I don’t have a PSP, so this is really just curiousity, but my primary question here is: if those were human opponents could they have TC’d out of those combos at any point?

Regardless, great work, those were slick.

No, you don’t. Each character has max one transformation per battle now, and you pick which form they’ll be able to transform into before the battle starts (so if you select SS3 Goku as your character, he’ll start as regular Goku, but be able to transfrom into his SS3 state during the battle).

This game is rather substantially different from Budokai 3. In addition to all the differences I mentioned in my first post, capsule set ups are also completely gone. It’s a big step up from B3, which is saying a lot.

The short answer is yes, but this is a hugely misleading statement. It’s a lot like saying: “Gee, those Slayer combos sure were nice, but wouldn’t any human opponent just Burst to get out of them?”

The long answer:

There is only one way to avoid taking massive amounts of damage from a properly performed combo. Your character has an out in the form of a Teleport Counter (performed by pressing > + Guard at the moment of impact). Consider these to be similar to bursting in Guilty Gear. They act as a get of jail free card, but they take an enormous amount of Ki - three bars. If you use your Ki with a Teleport, get outguessed, and get caught in a combo, there’s nothing you can do but sit there and take it like a man. For that reason, Ki is the single most important resource in all of Shin Budokai. If your opponent catches you with less than three bars of it, you have no way to escape the impending pain. At the same time, just about everything you want to do - dodging, special moves, throwing Ki-Blasts, using Aura Bursts - all consume Ki. Finding the right balance in this fundamental conflict is the key to being successful at Shin Budokai.

And slightly later:

*The 18 Second Rule

The final concept that deserves a place in the intermediate section is the 18second rule. This rule states that no combo that lasts 18 seconds of game time or longer can ever truly be guaranteed.

The reason for this is that Teleport Counters, as mentioned earlier, can be used to escape from combos. In fact, they are the ONLY way to escape. Teleport Counters, though, cost a hefty price: 3 full bars of Ki. Since Ki recharges naturally over time at a rate of 1 bar/6 seconds, any combo that lasts 18 seconds or longer will guarantee the enemy a chance to escape. This, combined with damage scaling, functions as a hard cap on infinites (should any be discovered).

Remember this well: If your enemy is at two bars of Ki, you get 6 seconds of unrestricted combo time before they can escape. If they are at one bar of Ki, you get 12 seconds to hammer them while they recharge. If they are at exactly zero bars of Ki, you get a full 18 seconds to beat their brains in before they will be able to get away.*

The combos in the video are legit, because they obey they 18 second rule. The only one that isn’t is the Trunks one, because technically the three TCs he does at the end gives the opponent back 3 bars of Ki, which means they’ll always be able to escape the last hit. But I thought it was a cool enough concept that I included it anyways.

Goryus, you just made me want to purchase this game again. Thank You.

damn, spitting knowledge about the game…fucking awesome!

wow, I never though DBZ budokai was so…deep, lol.

Well, glad you liked it. :wgrin:

Is this the same game that is out in arcades in Japan? I thought this was coming out for the PS2?

I can’t check the video out yet because my work blocks the site. =/