Shin Gouki sketch

Just sketching around with new brushes. This is pretty ugly, but when i get used to it I’ll post better ones. Peace.

Slim Bacon, Thick Trousers

I think its pretty sweet. It still looks like Painter to me! 0_o

I can’t get Photoshop to do that.

looking good SFMC

nice to see you draw my favorite SF. Did you say that was paint or photoshop? Either way its looking tight.

Nice… I really like the style you used for this one. I’m still a newb when it comes to computer rendering programs… so it’s nice to see someones work that is more advanced…

very kickass. i like this chunky kinda paintinf style, it’s cool to break from your more tighter rendering. this one looks more like a straight painting.

Lemme guess! Lemme guess! Caligraphy brush right? I think…

But yeah…I can only pray of reaching the levels that your at SFMC!!! And it really does look like a real painting!

You say ugly,i say unique.:stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, just post anything. All your art looks good.:slight_smile:

been away for awhile and you give me this! come on let see the good stuff i know you got them.

ve nhu cut


I dig the style alot but it seems overused, do you have a tablet?

btw am i the only one here who is experiencing wackiness with the freeform pen tool in ps7? It’s very jagged. Peace.

Will u be attending ts4?

it also look more like regular gouki than shin gouki.