Shin Koihime Musou -Otome Taisen Sangokushi Engi-: Available NOW for Windows

Yeah, here comes another all-female 2D fighting game, according to this list of GM Corporation (thanks to FFL):

Name: ??? (Koihime Musou)
Genre: 2D weapon fighting game (???)
Developer: Unknown

That’s it guys, wait for AOU… but oh my god, ANOTHER ONE, lol.

Ah yeah, i forgot to tell: Koihime Musou is a SLG/Eroge/Turn-based strategy game who is pretty popular and now even more thanks to the anime, a veeeeeeeeeeeery ecchi series… with exploding boobs everywhere.

Every time Hayama Akito posts on FGD a new fighting game is born.
It’s like a Midas touch of fighting games.

damn, lets take this to the fron page so srk can hate more on how these games are made for pedos, prevs, and sad lonely bastards that live on a basement :rofl:

Japan keepin’ it sad yo.

A quick image search for Koihime Musou makes me see a ton of bland animu chicks with wardrobe malfunctions. Get hype!

Because you can’t have enough sadlife games. :rolleyes: :rofl:

btw, would be this a poverty game or an arcade game?

Why is it so hard to find actual gameplay of the turn based strategy game on YT?

because its an eroge

I remember that someone post on SRK a Twitter from French Bread saying that his new game was “Sengoku era inspired game”… i wonder if this is the same game?

i remember that they said that 2011 was going to be the “war state” (sengoku jidai) year for the fighting games
but iirc they never talked about the game itself
btw, is it french bread related to this game?

Oh, thanks for that!

And is an Arcade game.

Looks Interesting.

Hey isn’t Koihime Musou that yuri eroge series?

yes, it is

Somebody’s sure hell-bent on causing another genre crash.

Aha, well if it has some yuri goodness in it I may give it a try.

to be honest, i feel that the amount of fighting games that are on the market are basically the same as previous years, its only that now many people notice them thanks to the “rebirth” of the genre at hands of sf4 (shrug)

Yeah, that’s from FB’s twitter. They never talked about this game though! :lol:

Exactly. Lord knows that there are still more than enough FPSes out there, and new ones keep coming all the time. If the FPS market hasn’t imploded on itself by now, I don’t think it ever will. If nothing else, the appeal is always there.

The only difference in the FG’s case is that Fighting Games have only recently begun to adequately respond to the main threat to their existence a decade ago: netcode solutions. If Capcom, Namco, SNK and the rest had started catering to this demand ages ago, it’s highly likely that Fighters wouldn’t have had to endure a recession at all.

Actually doesn’t the Sengoku era refer to the Japanese warring states period and not the Chinese one (that Koihime Musou is based off of)?