Shin Sakura AE - Street Fighter 4 Mod Showcase


Shin Sakura AE - By Orgolove

Through years of training and meditation, Sakura has completed her training and learned the power of the Universe.

This is a complete overhaul of Sakura, combining several classic concepts into an entirely new character, with custom moveset, music, special effects, costumes, and ultras.

She is designed to be a very weakly hitting but quick and agile character, able to hit the opponent in long chain combos. Her damage output is very low, but has extremely fast meter gain and high stun attacks.

Character ability:
Spirit of the Shooting Star
Sakura can recover from hits while in air and follow up with another move before reaching the ground. (recovers 10 frames after normal hit stun)
She also recovers slightly faster from all enemy hits.

Signature Moves:
↓←↓← + PPP - Agneyastra, Meteor Storm (takes two EX meters)
Sakura summons 8 large meteors that travel diagonally (single hit each). Can be done in air, with different starting heights based on jump height.

↓→↓→ + K: Wind God’s Carnival (takes four EX meters)
Sakura charges the enemy while kicking acrobatically. Button type gives how far she will travel before the first kick. Last hit deals a lot of stun and can be canceled into other moves. Can be done while in air.

↓→↓→ + KKK: Supernova (Ultra 1)
Sakura rises upward diagonally. If hit, she power bombs the opponent to the ground, then takes grabs their leg and slams him down multiple times. Last hit stuns opponent, depending on previous number of stuns. Can be done while in air. Consumes 1/2 revenge meter.

↓→↓→ + PPP: Rage of the Glorious Dawn (Ultra 2)
Sakura grabs the opponent for a short distance. If grabbed, the music changes as she kicks the opponent away, and the screen goes black while she hits the enemy multiple times, ending with a raging demon. Last hit stuns opponent, depending on previous number of stuns. Consumes 1/2 revenge meter. Although this move is a grab, it can be comboed into and can grab jumping enemies as long as she’s within range.

→↓↘ + K: Aerial Dragon Kick
Sakura jumps into the air while kicking. Light version hits once, M twice, and H three times. Can be done in air. Can be canceled in air one time only. Juggle potential 20.
→↓↘ + KK: EX Aerial Dragon Kick
Hits 6 times while staying still in air.

→↓← + P: Electric Machine Gun Upper, hits the opponent like a machine gun 18 times with the power of electricity in her fists. Last hit launches. Punch strength determines how far she travels forward. Maximum juggle - 20 hits
→↓← + PP: EX Electric Machine Gun Upper, hits more times and deals more damage than normal version.

(In Air) ↓ + K: Divekick
Sakura charges down diagonally. Button strength determines angle. Can be canceled in air one time only. Can be activated while in any jump trajectory - neutral, forward, or backward jumps. No minimum height, and hits overhead.
(In Air) ↓ + KK: EX Divekick
No startup, and hit juggles opponent.

Other moves:
↓→ + P: Ground Hadoken, single hit. Punch strength determines speed. Maximum juggle - 10 hits
↓→ + PP: EX Ground Hadoken, shoots two single hit projectiles very quickly.

(In Air) ↓→ + P: Aerial Zenku Hadoken, single hit. L version travels horizontally, others travel downward in different angles.
(In Air) ↓→ + PP: EX Zenku Hadoken, shoots two single hit projectiles downward in different angles.

↓← + P: Anti Air hadoken, punch strength determines angle.
↓← + PP: EX anti air hadoken, two diagonal hadokens (different angle).

↓← + K: Slash Tatsumaki Syunpuken. light version hits once, other versions hit twice, can blow through some projectiles during startup.
↓← + KK: EX Slash Tatsumaki Syunpuken. Much faster and slightly more damaging version of the normal move.

Notable Normals:
Far Standing Heavy Kick: hits twice, second hit juggles opponent. Kick cancels projectiles if the timing’s correct.
Close Standing Heavy Kick: hits twice, second hit juggles opponent.
Low Heavy Kick: Sakura quickly slides under opponent and kicks him off the ground for follow up.

Other notes:
The AI was carefully tuned to let it do chain combos and use things intelligently.
The Chie and Kimono costumes are the excellent work of dsFOREST. Thank you.
Heavy hitting sound effects have been added to ultra 1.
The music from Guy’s ultra were preserved for ultra 2.
The voices and facial expressions were extensively experimented with to find the perfect settings. This is for both Japanese and English.
This is a -total- mod. It changes the voice settings, movesets, projectiles, ultras, and of course, the costumes.
I experimented with changing the size of the character model for the Shin Sakura costume. The one shown in the video was the only way I could get it to work without the eyes popping out or the fingers going crazy.
This also required some additional occlusion map and alpha map tweaking.
Chie Costume:
Kimono Costume:
This mod combines data from five different characters - base of Deejay, input motions of Ryu and other shotos, VFX of Gouken, Ultra 2 of T Hawk and Ultra 2 of Guy.

Other move notes:
All air moves can be canceled once and juggled up to 20 hits. EX moves can juggle a lot more.
All air normals can be canceled once and juggled up to 10 hits.
The projectiles can juggle for up to 10 hits. EX moves and Meteor storm can juggle a lot more.
EX meter consuming moves can be canceled and juggled indefinitely.
Her dashes and base movespeeds have been slightly increased.

File 1:
File 1 alternate version, removing infinites:

Light effects
File 2:

File 3:

Installation Directions:
This is based on Super Street Fighter IV AE v2012.

  1. I recommend a backup of your entire Street Fighter Folder.
  2. Extract all files in Shin Sakura AE Install File 1 in Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\patch_1_06\battle\regulation\latest_ae\SKR.
  3. Extract all files in Shin Sakura AE Install File 2 in Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\patch1a\battle\chara\SKR.
  4. Choose whether you want the normal sized Sakura or the smaller shin Sakura costume.
  5. Extract the files in the chosen folder in Shin Sakura AE Install File 3 in C:\Games\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\resource\battle\chara\SKR.

For Unpatched versions of the game:

  1. Extract file 1 in Super Street Fighter IV\dlc\03_character_free\battle\regulation\latest\SKR.
  2. Extraft files 2 and 3 in Super Street Fighter IV\resource\battle\chara\SKR.

NOTE: I have not included the Chie and Kimono costumes in the archive. Please go to dsFOREST’s original deviant art webpage to download them. Here’s the links:
Chie Costume:
Kimono Costume:

NOTE:The Stage BGM has been modded. See this video for further information:


The air recovery seems like a liability if her air moves aren’t invincible. Getting anti-aired by a normal move would most likely be the end of the round. It’d be like juggling a shitty player in smash. Other than that, she seems overpowered as fuck.


Updated Links!
File 1:
File 2:
File 3:


I swear I hope I don’t run into this in ranked mode…


ugh, how many times have I seen this already