SHIN-SHO DOJO (Gouken Sparring Lab)



Welcome to the Dojo, the title explains it all. Help build a better Gouken.

Sparring Grounds: This Section will update as endless sessions are arranged.*

Upcoming Endless Battle Sessions:


Matches will be default. Best of three, 99 Seconds.

If you’d like to host a session a different time or different day let me know so I can post it.


-Day: Monday 1/17/11 Time: 9p - 12p EST Hosted By Gamer ID: iamthatiam777


-Day: ) Time: Hosted By Gamer ID:

***If you’d like to host a endless session so you can collaborate and experience the other Gouken players please let me know and i will try to post it here. Please try to let me know a couple of days in advance so I can have it updated and posted.

Study Room

The Gouken Channel:


YouTube - 0ShinAkuma0’s Channel
YouTube - raunwynn’s Channel
YouTube - viperRX’s Channel
YouTube - binkyfingers’s Channel
YouTube - oShiiiNeo’s Channel
YouTube - VaeVictus666’s Channel
YouTube - RuLeZ1988’s Channel

If you have a channel that’s primarily Gouken, send it to me and I will post it

Execution Tips:


FADC- [media=youtube]st9khMYsDd4&feature=related[/media]
Hit Confirming- [media=youtube]eDMboPnznJc&feature=related[/media]
Option Selects- [media=youtube]aHHoGHcgK9k&feature=related[/media]

Where do you think Gouken will stand tier wise in AE?
Character Specific Option Selects and situational tactics

Super String Theory: The Vortex

[details=Spoiler] Check “General info about Gouken” tab in this thread to learn about the purpose Vortex.

Akuma’s Vortex Part 1 [media=youtube]vTJ5srcjWiA[/media]

Akuma’s Vortex Part 2 [media=youtube]wBVVdBu4iEE&feature=related[/media]


Anything below this line is assuming you understand the purpose of the Vortex

[Spoiler=Vortex Starters & Enders (Untechs)]
-Cr. Roundhouse -

-Forward Throw -

-Back Throw (if it whiffs)- Check for reset options > Vortex or end with cr. roundhouse, super, ultra. Your reset options should be based to either stuff, bait, or to make their reversal whiff so you can punish. Once you’ve made them put away their reversal, reset them and GF Grab them, or vice versa.

-Gouken Flip Slide -

**-Gouken Flip Throw - **

-Super -

-Ultra -


Shoto Specific


(some of this works for other characters too, but in most cases they will make them whiff should they try to reversal)

  • Here’s how you stuff srk’s > vortex shoto’s. The stuffs can be timed to hit them on the ground and lead into your combos etc., the goal would be to end with an untech and start the process all over again. If they aren’t grounded they will be hit and considered mid-air.
  1. forward throw set up [media=youtube]qRpb7_BXwjU[/media]
  2. d + mk set up [media=youtube]FEWNAC9jqaE[/media]
  3. cr. roundhouse set up [media=youtube]eQfx59Lyvj0[/media]
  4. w/ faux safe jump set up [media=youtube]NJfNvXRyiQo[/media]
  5. using the reset to set up to stuff srk [media=youtube]HsRCICY_IP8[/media]

4 + Frame Start Ups


I’m not going to spill all the beans and go through the set ups and expansion of all of this, but you’ll have to figure out what works for you to include it into your oki. Here’s a couple of ways you can attack per safe jumping, this isn’t safe for things you can’t safe jump like srk, ex spd, (Adon non AE). etc. etc. but against the 4 frame start up group this is what allows you to rush them down after you un- tech them. Well that and a few other things. :slight_smile:

-Gouken Safe Jumping Guile [media=youtube]vE8Nai61Zno[/media]
-Attacking 4 Frame Reversal [media=youtube]EfW6cpIbhTA[/media]
-Attacking 4 Frame Reversal Cross Up [media=youtube]1U_wngfvnWo[/media]
-Using d+mk as Safe Jump [media=youtube]rwR4DainoOQ[/media]

Adon (For Non AE Version, Adon wakes up a little later in AE


You can safe jump other characters using this same set up using dive kick as well as j. mk, but this particular timing works specifically on Adon since you can’t safe jump him with dive kick. [media=youtube]ktmPYKH8YHw[/media]





I think the endless battle sessions should go in this thread I can keep them in the first post and update from there.


+i agree ill remove the previous post…its your world…lemme know the format…


^ Already working on it. I’m adding things to the first page as they come to me…

If any body out there has anything lemme know.


I want in :smiley:


Whatever you want!

Do you have a you tube channel??


Maybe we should and I’ll do whatever I can to try and help out.


^ Let me know a solid date. I had one scheduled for wednesday, but I think thursday would be better.

Was the last few sessions invite only???


^ My only concerns would be things like meter and Ultra. :frowning:

I think having themes would be a great idea though. How about certain endless sessions we have Gouken vs. a certain character type. Gouken vs. Grappler, Charge, Shoto, and Every body else. We only need about 3-4 Goukens and 4-5 Vs. Characters to play.


  1. Gouken
  2. Zangief/Abel/T-Hawk-Hakan
  3. Gouken
  4. Zangief/Abel/T-Hawk-Hakan
  5. Gouken
  6. Zangief/Abel/T-Hawk-Hakan
  7. Gouken/Zangief/Abel/T-Hawk-Hakan
  8. Zangief/Abel/T-Hawk-Hakan/Gouken

The 4 Goukens can party up and discuss the game etc. You get the Gouken vs. Gouken match up and you get a theme based vs. match up.

We can network with other character forums, but it’s very possible to do it in Gouken forums provided everyone would be willing to use their alts.

I’ll see if I can tie in from another thread.


I like that idea alot iam. So we are gonna try and make this happen on thursday?


I feel a lot of G forum heads are G alts but claim Gmain… Definitely need ur input …I see the concerns.
In the SHIN SHO sessions it would be gou heavy maybe 5 gou up in the room and a spot or two of top talent from various participants friend list. For example when I’m around cats would see me invite say Volcano, deadwt, alf1002398522254…,


I’m getting excited! :smiley:


I’m good to join Thursday.

Yeah, that would be better. I think the character mix will work itself out though.


you should put in time zones. That would help a lot.


Thanks Man. I appreciate the input, I updated the session info.


Very interesting information with the shoto vortex. I cant join your training session because i have work monday - friday. If you held it on saturday that would be awesome! _ :slight_smile:


^ I’ve pushed back the dates a few times b/c I had to work and then a funeral came up :frowning: I can change it to Saturday instead, it’s no biggie since it’s a little far away.

I’m about to pick apart the GF Slide and the GF Throw in the next couple of days. B/C of recovery on both moves, it’s a little bit harder to crack, but I’m sure there is something.


Nice so you made it on saturday. Well I have no excuse not to join now. count me in>+> as long as my internet is working properly >_>