Shin-Sho Set Ups

Since we have a Denjin thread, I figured we’d have a Shin-Sho set up thread as well. Who has some tricky way’s of sliding this in during a match?

Any punishes or mind games?

Excellent idea…let’s see what transpires

I guess one setup that could really apply to all ultras is basically if you see someone try to grab you as you jump over them, they’ll try to grab you when you land on the other side, free shin-sho. I have yet to not land it doing that. A lot of people expect that since you saw them try to grab you, you’ll attempt to grab them when you land, thus just teching the throw. Another general setup for DP mashers is to knock em down, then focus near them and just when they’re about to get up, back-dash out of it. They’ll do something stupid most of the time and you can just punish with shin-sho.

For T.hawk, throw an lp hado, wait for him to jump over it toward you, shin-sho. The guy jumps so high that it’s not too hard to pull this off. Could almost do this for bison but he’s not as floaty as hawk is in the air. This could work on guy as well if the spacing is right since he has a greater horizontal jump arc than vertical like most.

back throw to shin shoryuken.

So i was working today on a crossup setup —> Ultra with Gouken. It’s so difficult that it makes me sad because just imagine getting in a shinsho from a hit confirmed crossup. D:

This may work better with Denjin (haven’t tried it but i bet it works much better). crossup, cr.fp, hk.tatsu, xx, Shinsho. Ahh if only Campcom made the tatsu xx shinsho easier to land… :frowning:

Anyways i was able to pull it off about 20% of the time and it did just shy of full Ultra damage… You just simply don’t have enough time! And most of the time when it looks like it’s gonna hit, it whiffs, or the guy ends up behind you, or you actually shinsho the other direction… (I mean come on… Really? They don’t have to make it easier to do, just make that setup at least more reliable…) :looney:

Gonna test it out wth Denjin tomorrow.

In place of your cr.fp , I like, and ex tatsu gets em higher off the ground, this may increase the time for the shin-sho input.

That’s cool. Its just… 3 bars for a maybe Ultra that will get you fully punished if missed? Bleh. Also, just out of curiosity why do you use

Cause its faster and they have to block it low so if you lead in in a jump in,non df flip kick, they have to block high so you might catch someone still blocking high. That and the push back on the fierce punch cancels can make tatsu whiff and than you can’t fadc and eat a big punish.

I use, st.hp, ex palm, fadc, Shinsho.

Btw why cr.hp(80 dmg/200 stun) and not st.hp(100 dmg/200 stun)?

st HP has longer startup so the shorter hit stun of DF kick/j. mk makes the timing stricter. Whatever works for you though :smile:

Recently I’ve been working a backthrow (to ultra/shenanigans/whatever) setup that’s been fairly effective. At spacing or situations where a m.flip-kick would be appropriate, use a f.jump divekick instead. The two look very similar but the vastly less stun generally lets you backthrow as soon as you land and the guy is usually not ready to tech right then.

In the high-risk category, you can try throwing it out after a safe-spaced lp.palm. Maybe throw a naked palm to see if they attempt a sweep punish or something similar first. Just something fun to do in throw-away matches :slight_smile:

Son of a bitch I didn’t even notice they nerfed his cr.HP. Dammit that is the stupidest thing ever.

On topic with the thread, Shin Shoryu is a combo ultra. There’s too much recovery to just throw it out. Unless you can react to someone trying to poke or something stupid, don’t toss it out like it’s a poke, it won’t end well for you.

You can catch people jumping in on you with the Shin Sho. The key is to activate it at the peak of their jump.

I also like to sometimes throw out the Shin Sho after a blocked EX Palm. You can practically feel your opponent salivating over their impending punish of your recovery. Just buffer the Shin Sho into the EX Palm animation so it comes out as soon as you recover. If they go for the punish, You will nail them. Just keep in mind, that if they like to punish with EX DP, then this does not work as well.

Not sure exactly how it happened, but I was playing around with the kongo against my brother (Ken). He jumped in with MK and the counter absorbed, but the attack didn’t go off, instead he went directly into the Shin Sho. I’ve been trying to recreate it, but I believe it could be related to the double counter kara.

I’m trying to get it to go again so I can record it.

Anyway, seems like an extremely great way to land the U1.

Here we go again

LOL doh

Really makes you wonder about how much mashing is done for these people to get that armor cancel done by accident. I seriously would love to see the input playback.

Actually wasn’t mashing, buffered the ultra to see if I could connect after the counter. New to me since I don’t often play Gouken, so his armor cancel is new business to me.

I feel like such a damn scrub when I do this and it works.

My only real ‘outside-the-box’ setup is on regular dash-in after connected EX Palm. 95 times out of 100, though, it’s only the multi-hit version. I’ve only ever landed the Surprise Abortion once against a Viper outside the corner with this. My thinking is if I can take the opportunity for that damage, I will, because I can’t be certain I’ll get a corner chance later. Since the round ending resets the meter, it makes no sense to leave that sitting there unused.

Yeah, but why would you buffer an ultra in that situation knowing that you can’t cancel a special move into an ultra. So either you know about the armor cancel before. Or you were trying to mash out a counter during a cross up? Which I’ve done before and surprised myself when it happened.