Shinjuku Sportsland 3s 2-15-04


22 Teams 3on3 (65 players)

1st - KSK (Alex), KO (Yun), AFM (Chun)
2nd - Erotic Teacher (Dudley), Boss (Ken), Izu (Makoto)
3rd - Onanism (Urien), Hitotsu-me (Ken), Xiao (Ibuki)

I’m assuming KSK used Alex…It actually says “Takashi” where the characters name would be…

Team America was there, repped by all Japanese players:confused: Not sure what the story is behind that team-name but it consisted of - Drill (Remy), Moso (Dudley), OSH (Alex) -They lost first round to Jima (Dudley) and YSB (Hugo)'s team.

Pierre (Urien), Dirty “Music” (Oro) and Sugiyama (Necro) finish 2nd in their qualifying bracket losing to Onanism’s team.

Happy (Alex), Match (Akuma), Senaka (Urien) finish 2nd in their qualifying bracket losing to Erotic Teacher’s team.

Raoh (Chun), Mester (Yun) and Spellmaster J (Ken) finish 2nd in their qualifying bracket losing to KSK’s team.

Its good to see Onanism back in full force after Coop Cup 3…


Onanism!! Now I’m looking forward to his qualification to SBO2 finals

I need Coop3 footage >_<


why do the japanese have the tightest names?


Yeah baby! Good shit from K.O. and KSK and…AFM, even though he uses Chun:P

It’s nice to see that the top Evo finishers are still wreckin’ shop with their patented characters.




ya who won Coop3? and is there any footage


its a lot easier to come up with crazy names when you dont know the language.

its a good thing KO dosent lose, or his name would be stupid.


Cooperation Cup 3 results were posted on srk back in November…I can’t seem to find it on here but I know the 1st & 2nd place teams…

1st Place
Dirty “Music” (Oro)
Arukua (Ibuki)
178 (Dudley)
Pledge (Yang)
Soma (Ken)

2nd Place
Mokomokofu (Ken)
Nomoto (Akuma)
Disk (Yun)
Ushi (Urien)
Kenji (Chun)

The only highlight I remember was Ushi OCV’d the entire Beat-Tribe team.

Word on the street is that there won’t be a dvd release of Coop 3 because the last 2 where not profitiable enough…


In other words, they were all over the internet so nobody had to buy them. We should make some kinda ethical code not to rip fighting game vids or something because the community is the one that gets hurt in the end.


Hey Apoc, email me ya bastard. I can never get a hold of your punk ass =D


ps. Gonna go rep in A3 in texas foo =)