Shinjuku Sportsland 3s - 3on3 Results - 6/27


20 Teams
60 players

1st - “Crimson Spring” RX (Urien), Roshihikari (Yang), Kurenai Haru (Chun)
2nd - “Farm Sun” Boss (Yun), AFM (Chun), Kokujin (Dudley)
3rd - “Tenchi Nin” Mester (Yun), Raoh (Chun), Nitto (Yun)

4th Place ties -
Pierre (Urien), Onanism (Urien), Erotic Teacher (Dudley)
They lost to Boss’ team in the finals of bracket A.

Spermstar J (Ken), Tama (Oro), BAB (Urien)
They lost to RX’s team in Bracket C finals

Mov (Gouki), Keeper (Ken), Hama (Ken)
Lost to Mester’s team in bracket B finals

Jima (Dudley), Uni (Necro), Sugiyama (Necro)
They lost to Mester’s team 2nd round


Urien revenge after SBO2 debacle! Go RX! :smiley:

Boss using Yun? That sounds soo much interesting, I want footage!!


i wish i had footage…


:lol: actually it’s Spellmaster J, you must have read the “ma” katakana as “mu”


or not


i like spermaster better.