Shinjuku Sportsland SF3s 3on3 RESULTS

Another Monthly from 8/28 at West Sportsland. Sadly I didn’t make it down due to fuxing up the dates : /

1st Place- Team “Won’t you give us passion?”

Bosu- Yang
Matchi- Gouki
Yukino- Chun Li

2nd Place- Team “Sensation Clique”

Hirai- Ken
Joe- Ken
Meta- Chun Li

3rd Place- Team “Grab and run (repeat)”

Shao- Ibuki
J- Makoto
Jhofu- Ken

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Hurray for Yang being on the winning team for once

Not only is that the best team name ever, but Yukino is one of their players.

It’s official…

Team “Won’t you give us passion?” = Top Tier

(Would be even better if they had Rikki on it though. :stuck_out_tongue: Q Power!)

Thats tight. Team grab and run, too good!:lol: Sooo many pureyas!