Shinkiro and Ikeno attending San Diego Comic Con!

You hear this first here!

Shinkiro and Ikeno will be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, and will not be in hiding mode like Kinu and Shoei last year but will be signing at the UDON booth. We will be offering a limited edition hard cover edition of SF Eternal Challenge at the con, featuring brand new cover art by Shinkiro and Ikeno (limited to 500 copies each, limited to 100 copies each per day).

We will also be offering a SHIN AKUMA Bust, limited to 500, 100 per day.

We should have a handful of back issues, prints and poster available at the booth too. You will also be able to pick up the Exalted #0 as well!

UDON creators attending includes Alvin Lee, Ken Siu-Chong, Omar Dogan, Noi Sackda, Jim Zubkavich, and myself (maybe more, yet to confirm).

Come and visit us if you can!

A little more info -

The SF EC hard cover edition is a revised edition of the now sold out first printing. We have gone in and fix all the minor mistakes that we can find, and this hard cover will be printed on 100 lb paper VS the 50 lb paper that is used in the first printing. It will be sold at $80.00 per copy, with autographs by both Ikeno and Shinkiro.

Shin Akuma bust will be selling at 50.00 each. The lucky ones might get the ultra secret variant… (what is it?? hee hee… guess who…)

Before anyone start posting your usual “UDON is screwing us” -

For those who cannot attend, we have arranged with herofix and rupps to set aside some copies of the busts and SFEC HC to be available in their webstore.

And for those who complains about variants, and how we are ripping you off with it, I want you guys to keep in mind our expense on this convention:

On top of the thousands of dollars that San Diego is charging us for the booth space, we are paying for Ikeno & Shinkiro’s air ticket, 3 hotel rooms for the 3 artist and their translator/manager. We are also covering for all of UDON creator’s hotel rooms during the almost one week event. And of coz, it cost us money to print the books, produce the busts, and ship the goods, pay for storage and pays the union people to bring in the goods to the convention hall by the pound(yes, that is extra believe it or not!). Yes, we will be making some money, but afterall, we want to make this SD Con a nice event for the fans to be able to meet some legendary Capcom Artists!

I wish I could go.I will be getting the shin akuma bust one way or another though.

Man tht sounds great! My two favorite artists doing the new cover. Any way we could get a sneak peak at this new cover.

I wish could be there. (Damn living in New Zealand)

I’ll actually be there.
Most likely, I’ll stop by the booth.

It will be good to be seeing you again!

Im one of the guys that complained about the paper, so im getting this version.

Question: are the extra covers for Darkstalkers 5 (Morrigan door poster image) and Street Fighter 14 (the blank board cover) going to be available in any online store?

So that was the surprise you said Capcom had in store for the San Diego Con. Shinkiro and Ikeno, nice! Sadly I can’t go. :sad:

It was a miscommunication between us and the printer, that resulted in the thinner paper in the first printing. We are not too happy about it either. That is why when we are doing this hard cover edition, we will be using 100lb thick paper to go with this one.

Rupps and herofix should havethose 2 versions. If they have not gotten them listed in their site, you can probably e-mail them and ask.

Thanks, ill e-mail them.

tsang’s not gonna be there?

right now, the others are not totally confirmed yet.


Good move.

I’m looking forward to copping the HC.

Some official info, with pictures!

Man, Herofix really doesnt care. Havent replied to any of my last three e-mails (including the one i sent about this on the 12th, and other two in the last two months), and havent updated the website in a long, long time…

Both EC covers look awesome. Im going with Shinkiro (if i manage to get a reply from Herofix, because they most likely wont have it on the website, since they dont update anymore), but Ikenos great too. I just dont get why Shinkiro made everybody regular color, but Dhalsim on his second one…

Man I’d love to see these covers. Can anyone hook me up with a link please?

EDIT: I stumbled a across some:

You should make the Ikendo one a Poster!

Amazing! :clap: :tup:

Awesome, I was planning on stopping by your booth so I can pick up all the back issues I’ve been searching for, and I can get Shinkiro and Ikeno’s autographs!

Shinkiro comes correct.

Here, we made a webpage about this with pictures.

Did I just see a silouete of a Gouken Bust?! :wow: