Shinkiro cover


let me say wow. holy crap. awsome job.
there i was about to pay for the alvin lee cover when my attention was drawn to the shinkiro art. the cashier took it ouf the bag and showed me the acetate cover without hesitation i laid down 20 bucks for it instead of the usually alvin lee covers i tend to get.

i think it was worth it, its sooo cool. this is as good as it gets so far.
when i go to japan one day, im gonna hunt shinkiro down and get him to sign it. its so cool.
good work udon.

the guile art is on a cell cover and underneath it is another hard cover with cunli on it, its awsome definetly cosider it.

i hope this is the only variation, the power cell cover, cuz if there is one better than this ill be pissed. i thought it would be shiny though.


I thought it would be shiny too, but it’s still nice. Didnt know about the seperate pages for the cover (variants arent leaving their bags) but I did notice guile was 3dish.


20 bucks? Oooo… I got it for 10…


heck yeah…

that cover is clean! i got it yesterday. i only had enough for the shinkiro cover, but i will go back today for the Alvin Lee/ Arnold Tsang cover. :cool:


Whoa…Frankie goes here as well? Who da thunk it…

Well anyways, on Topic…I thought the Cover was awesome, I should be going to get my copy today or whatnot…Duno yet.


yep picked mine up at midtown comics for 10 bucks last night and i am in loooove. that chun li art is photographic - her face is nice and clear, tho the blue background to her right looks a bit granulated (probably intentionally to help the face pop out) - yep it’s not holo-shiny (which brings my chun li SF shiny cover total to - zero. curse you virgin power cover!) but it’s very original for a special cover and I hope to never see its like again - out of respect for this one lol. great work shinkiro and nice choice udon!


Well I have to wait a week or so for my Shinkiro cover, haven’t seen it yet but judging the pic I saw on the official site I can’t wait to see how it turned out :slight_smile:


i got it for 8. what up now?:stuck_out_tongue:


I got my Shinkiro cover today, well actually due to some ordering confusions I’ve got another one on the way (Hint for anyone from the UK who wants one, I’ll be selling it, well what else would I do with 2?:D)
The cover is awesome, best cover so far the art is superb! Only complaint I have though is I would have liked it to have been a power foil cover personally.