Shinkiro Covers the TPB!



Shinkiro already did the issue #5 one… I want my Edayan cover.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Nevertheless, this is great news seeing how Capcom is getting more and more involved with the comic.

I must say though… that’s one of my fave Shinkiro pic so far…


That variant’s cool, when’s that one coming out?

I’ve ordered the Shinkiro #5 one, which also looks awesome, are you planning to re-release the entire series with Shinkiro covers though? Wouldn’t bother me :smiley:


That’s not a variant, but the actual cover for the Trade Paper Back Vol 1.



Isnt that the cover for #7 anyway? I swear I saw that in a solicitation already.


splurt I don’t care if I own all the SF comics except #0. I’ll buy that TPB for that cover alone!

A little extra content would be nice though (hint hint)…


the pages of #0 will be included in the Trade!!


Thanks, though now i’m just embarassing myself but what do you mean “Trade Paper Back”?
Some kind of compilation of the comics put into a book?
Thanks for any info you can give :slight_smile:


Yeah, thats basically what a TPB is. A story arc (0-6) collected into 1 book. Sometimes little extras are included as well…

Udoneko, According to the Devil’s Due March solicitations, the TPB will cost $9.99. Is that the Set Final price or is it subject to change from in between Now till March?..


Thanks for the info mate:)
I take it then that there will be more SF comics after #6 afterall due to that “Volume 1”?

BTW when is the TPB going to be released?


Yes, 9.99 is the price. It is going to be 144 pages, in digest size (like the Robotech TPBs) which is smaller than the regular comic by a little bit. This is to cater to the book stores (the non-comic market) coz they prefer this format to the regular comic size. And we can offer it in a more reasonable price too! The Shinkiro cover is almost worth the buck! :smiley:



Ofcourse, there will be more. They just won’t be published by Image anymore. Haven’t you read the Interviews?:slight_smile: . The TPB is set to come out in March…

Yes, i know. I was really unsure of that price though, seems pretty cheap. But i understand completely what your aiming for at that price range now that its explained. By the Non-comic Market, am i to understand that your aiming for Newstands as well?. The ones that actually sell comics mainly. I will try to convince as many people that i can to purchase the TPB in the messege board that i go to. And with that price, i doubt it’ll be to difficult;)…

Yeah, Shinkiro along with the WHOLE Udon crew is talented. I dearly miss your Deadpool to. Sad thing it had to end the way it ended to. You guys really helped bring Deadpools populartity up. Good job guys:cool: …


UDON is going back to Deadpool in March too! With Mark Brooks on Marvel’s Cable Deadpool #1!!!


In honesty no, i’m not much on comics so to find out anything about these comics has been a tough job, also there are fairly specialist in the UK, in fact before these comics the last time I bought a comic was like 9 years ago, Sonic the comic:D

So whose publishing #7 onwards?


We are leaving Image to partner with Devil’s Due after issue 6. So this TPB and #7 onward will be all thru Devil’s Due.

And welcome back to the world of comics!


whoa are you guys always gonna do the little manga sized TPBs for future volumes too? and any extras?


OK thanks for the info & cheers, these days I’m not heavily into comics, but SF is always an exception for me :smiley:
The book won’t come out with loads of cover variants will it?
since its a book will it just be the one? Please say yes :smiley:


What I hope is they’ll include all the past covers into the book like any other TPBs. I’m sooooo hoping this…


Yes, one cover only. And we will include a cover gallery.


you know, shinkiro’s illustration for this TPB looks really familiar - like the SNK illustrations in the CVS2 game. any relation?