Shinneosnake Match vids

Me and my friend were playing some casuals at my place on the 20th. I recorded a few consecutive vids and uploade dthem onto Filefront.

I’m always Player 2
First game I play K-Rock, Cammy, Sagat r2 vs his C-Geese, Blanka, Rugal r2

Second game I’m playing K-Rock, Cammy, Blanka r2 vs his K Rock, Rugal, Blanka r2
I mess up a s.Fierce, Spin Drive Smasher with Cammy after I guard broke him. I was on a Hori and I’m not fully used to playing with one yet. Sigh…

3rd game I’m just messing around vs C groove and my friend is… Just watch it. No Comment.

Feel free to point out stuff that I should’ve done in certain situations, what I shouldn’t have done, etc.

you got a little repetetive with cr short tick throw…

with rock, throw more fireballs and use his 50/50 st/cr short 360/cr short, sweep. don’t be afraid to use that unless you’re opponent has meter (usually only against A groove).

your cammy seems good but try not to let your opponent get out of the corner.

i suck with sagat so use your running cr fierce/ low jump rh aka shit that is hard to block and will kill their gb.

overall, you seem like you have a good feel for the game but you need to capitalize your opponent’s mistakes like point block geese fb against rage rock and various other footsie situations. ^^

Err. You jump way too much with sagat vs rugal in vid #1. That’s what stuck out at me. Stop jumping so much. And low jumping too, you low jump when you want to get in. Watch out for people that can RC a lot, they will come to get you. And what Mr.Korean said.

Damn. I rewatched my first vid and everything I did with Sagat was off a jump in…

be more manic

Don’t take anything I say the wrong way as I’m trying to help and not be an ass, so if I come off that way I am sorry up front. I just have insomnia tonight so I figured I would see if I could help out here.

You both seem to have a problem that alot of cvs players have, you learned to RC without learning first to play street fighter. You guys RC like champs but you dont have ground games other than “sit there and press fierce if they get close to me” and you can RC a funky kick on command but cant do short short super or jab jab tiger uppercut. Practice the important things first.

Both you guys jump way too much, which is a symptom of the fact that neither of you seems to be a big fan of anti air. Learn to jumping up fierce people in the face with Blanka, standing roundhouse people with Rock, and uppercut people with Sagat and Cammy, especially when Rugal tries his dive move. The opponent jumped at your Cammy way too much, you should never be able to jump towards Cammy unless you are just jumping in with JD. With characters like Rock and Sagat being aggressive is important but you have to learn to move in many different ways and mix it up. Work on your footsies and how to approach an opponent on the ground, that way when you do jump its more unexpected. Against people like your friend’s Blanka who does low fierce all day this is really easy, just make that miss and knock him down or JD it and hit him for free.

Tell your friend it is almost never a good idea to start every single round by jumping backwards twice into the corner. He might as well punch himself in the face.

Execution on your combos is important, you hit alot of jabs and shorts and dont finish a combo. I saw a lot of connected jab jab xx nothing with Sagat.

JDing jumpins is good when they are in a position that they are hard to anti air. JDing jumpins when you could have anti aired them and done damage is not a good idea. It seems like you try to JD jumpins even when you could have easily just pressed a button and hit them.

Your trick with Rock doing the double reppuken on the cornered opponent then rising tackle/JD is a gimmick, that is basically like doing a random uppercut. You are putting yourself in a position of frame disadvantage on purpose and then hoping you can fool them into the rising tackle. When you corner an opponent with Rock you should be rushing them, not doing random uppercuts or JD’s hoping to get lucky. At point blank range like that, you could have done double reppuken(blocked) and instead of the tackle, do rage run -> shift if you think theyll stick something out if you really want to use the blocked double reppuken setup. Youll phase through it and get a much bigger reward by 360ing them into the corner and its alot safer than a rising tackle is. The rage run -> shift is invincible very quickly if done at point blank range, it becomes invincible on the 2nd frame so it’ll pass through what they are doing more often than not, much more rewarding. It’s all about risk reward, if a 50/50 trick will get you 10% damage and give him a free super combo then don’t do it, that bet is not in your favor.

Specifically in the matches ->

Match 1:

0:14 you had his Geese cornered and you threw him out of the corner. Dont do that

0:16 he blocks your low short and it looks like you went for a counterhit afterwards but mistimed it and got jabbed. Tighten up the timing on your counterhits

0:23 when you jumped over his air fireball that was a free full jumpin combo, not a sweep

0:26 good throw attempt, you just guessed wrong so he jabbed you but you did the right thing, and you also were on point with the JDs there and taking the advantage back using them, well played here

0:28 but immediately afterwards you land a low jump roundhouse with your super charged. That was a free deadly rave, followed by messing up the 360 cancel to super right afterwards

0:35 Geese does a medium reppuken at close range on you in the corner for some unfathomable reason, and then instead of doing your free low forward -> super you sweep him. Then as he is rising it looks like you attempt a close short whiff setup to your 360, but a fireball comes out instead

0:39 the super was a good idea, just a touch too slow but you weren’t far off from hitting it. although it isnt your mistake I almost cried when the geese player blocked your super and swept you instead of like, killing you instantly. Then at the end of the round it looked like you did rage run ->shift into a 360 attempt but the 360 didnt come out. If it had, it would have worked, so that was a good idea, just need execution

1:00 your cammy starts out really strong but then you jump again instead of just continuing pressing roundhouse and that allows him to roll out of the corner. if you hadnt done this i doubt he would have gotten out of the corner alive

1:10 he jumps at cammy twice in a row, that was 2 uppercuts, i play Geese as one of my mains and I can promise you Geese can’t jump at Cammy unless he is JDing and praying. after this your opponent gets smart and starts shoving fireballs in your face like Geese is supposed to do in this matchup so you have some trouble for a while but that’s not really your fault, you handled it pretty well. Then at the end you knock him down with a cannon drill and run up, low jump roundhouse over his head. not sure what this was supposed to be but he should have killed you right there instead of fierce -> nothinging you

1:33 instead of pushing Blanka into the corner with your roundhouse that dominates him on the ground, you jump at him. in a tournament you just got fierced in the face for no reason but luckily your opponent doesnt react properly. Then you JD the slide and mess up your two in one which would have really put him in a bad situation. Then for the rest of the round you allow him to turtle and press fierce and beat you, which can be fixed if you have a stronger ground game. If he is pressing random or reactionary fierces like that you should be able to make one whiff using cammy’s fast walking speed and score big damage, or you can JD and take your free roundhouse xx super. Oh and dont jump into a charged Blanka like that with Cammy.

Your Sagat starts out really strong. You pressure him into the corner and land a solid combo. Then you land another, which would have ended the round but you have an execution problem and get hit by a super instead. work on your bread and butter combos. everything about the Blanka fight that is below this shouldnt be there cause he should have been dead here

2:35 after you JD any of Blanka’s ranged normals like low roundhouse, retaliate with low forward xx super, not low fierce. Low forward is a free hit, low fierce isnt. in this case you wouldnt have needed the super as low forward would have killed him. then you jump at charged blanka again and get up balled

2:40 too slow with the high tiger super but it was a good idea, and good JDing afterwards. handled it pretty well from here

Rugal comes out and runs back and does an air dive. It looks like you tried to JD it and missed. He did it very slow and from far away, just uppercut it

3:04 you jump over his fireball and could have done a whole combo, you jump roundhouse xx nothing. then you jump in AGAIN allowing him to roll out of the corner. This guy rolls every time you corner him, stop him from doing that. then you jump at him 4 or 5 more times after this and eat a couple roundhouses for no reason. You’re sagat, he is rugal, just walk over there and punch him in his face

3:11 you jump over his low fierce and roundhouse him instead of taking your free combo, then you jump over his roundhouse and do jab x3 xx nothing instead of just ending the game right there with your super

Match 2 ->(ill be more brief from here)

In the rock versus rock fight, theres alot of low jumping and not much stopping it. at the height that you guys are pressing roundhouse (i.e. hella early) all you have to do is JD it and you get a free combo, or you can low strong, stand roundhouse, or back up make it whiff and hit it when it lands. Also try to set up combos when you are close instead of just setting up sweeps. A few good throws though in there

in cammy v rugal, you start out really strong(although in those close block strings I would do fierces instead of low strongs, you get the same advantages both ways and the fierces will do more guard bar damage). But then you low jump in with short at close range which you should never do. free throw into the corner. this is followed by you landing low short x2 once and about 4 standing fierces, all of which could have been hit confirmed to the super and one of which was even after a guard break, but no super was done. You also turtle toward the end for some reason, and the only way that rugal can fight cammy is if the cammy player hangs back and lets him get his fireballs started. blanka then takes out rugal ok but you blocked the air dive move and then tried to attack after, giving him free low shorts when he was raged. The dive move gives him frame advantage, dont do that. I truly cant believe he didnt super you off those low shorts, you would have been virtually dead.

blanka v blanka at the end was alot of low jumping and missed combos like when you empty jumped and hit low short xx nothing. If blanka low jumps at you then jump in normally and cross him up when he lands, he lost his charge jumping forward. not sure why your low forward xx forward hop throw worked, it shouldnt have, that was a free and easy throw for him

In Match 3 theres more of the same, his Kyo starts off real strong but then fucks up easy combos and lets you fierce him and random ball him to death. Neither of you seem to want to anti air. It seems like you both have the gameplan of “jump whenever theres a pause in the action”. Jump up and down more against honda, you could have punished many of those random headbutts. With Ken you are smart to throw fireballs at him but you got way too predictable with it and allowed him to attack you with honda, then he got you dizzy and did nothing for some reason. THE MOMENT honda jumps or walks forward go over there and kill him, your friend should have sat on his ass more and did nothing. You land a crossup combo and dont do your super. You block a close up low fierce from honda and dont do low fwd xx super. In Ken vs rugal you do short short xx nothing at the start then walk up and say hi to his reflector twice instead of just breaking a stock and supering him for it. In Sagat vs Rugal you jump repeatedly and for some reason he doesnt just anti air you every time when he had 2 buttons and the rc wall grab to choose from, then you land jab jab xx nothing. A good Rugal would have had you wall slammed into a super when you jump so predictably. Good combo to finish it off though.

I guess that was pretty long and looks nitpicky but just giving you some things to think about and practice next time you play.

eh, it’s been like a year since I touched a stick, I’m rusty, and was mostly playing around

when I dizzied him with honda I wanted to activate -> super, but froze and forgot how to activate…

I never did use rock before that day, I just felt like shaming him with his own character and just copied a few stuff I watched combofiend, him, and omar do, I was figuring out motions for his moves as I went

same thing for kyo

I really should antiair more, but I lost that second nature somehow

anyways, enough with my excuses…I’ll try to use my knowledge (what’s left of it) and analyze the matches now while I wait for my next class…just…why in the world did you have to use filefront…

-stop missing free combos and I’d stop doing random things (like AAing you with geese close mp)
-…why did you sweep me when I messed up the corner rc double repu (which, for all I know, probably isn’t even safe anyways)
-stop using cammy’s mediums, st hp is always better
-when doing run up hards, you shouldn’t get greedy and go for a third hp, that’s why you got hp’ed back
-stop super jumping in repeatedly, just because I lost my timing to AA doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, you’re jumping in extremely early, leading to no combos, risking hard for hard
-do not kick throw when you jump over a sluggish c hp, that was free combo video for you man

-you are extremely lucky in many situations that I do not know what rock’s cancelables are
-don’t JD normal jump ins, especially with rock
-stop doing low jump lights
-for the love of god, dp me at least once man =P
-like halcyon said, you should never have stopped pressing buttons with cammy, cuz that’s when I got to get my (extremely pathetic) lockdown game in consisting of running lk spam
-stop pushing buttons after dive punch, haven’t I supered you enough times at CF for that already? =P
-…why low jump mk? just…why!
-don’t do tap JDs after messed up chip lightning

-do not spam lows on MISTER low crush
-like hal said, the key to beating honda is jumping around so you can kick me out of headbutt (and I don’t mean jumping in)
-as I know you don’t actually use ken, I’ll ignore everything you did with him…
-…thank you for dizzying me when I was making my hail hitler jokes, I’ll remember to never have rugal pray to nazis ever again

eh, next time I’m over I’ll try to play around a little less…I don’t think I’m helping you when I sweep your blocked supers…

kick more with Sagat.

oh yeah, here’s a secret that somehow I don’t know how you never discovered after playing sagat vs my rugal for years

st mk > most of my good pokes = force me to start guess and whiffing c mps -> free c mk super on reaction for you

Colin, awesome advice. I actually just realized I have that habit of throwing opponents out of the corner whenever I have them cornered myself.

The “jump whenever there’s a pause in the action” comment got me thinking also.

Most advice people give to other players is just “don’t jump” or “don’t random roll” and that’s horrible, vague, and useless. People get stuck at just one level and never get better with advice like that.

A tip that has helped me recently and I wanted to share with everybody is that my friend taught me to…

-always look for the jump before the roll or anything else

You would think rolls would be harder to react to than jumps, but that’s not taking into account how fast jumps like Vega’s and Blanka’s are, or how they can decide to push their attack button early.

  1. Anti-air
  2. Anti-roll
  3. Combo execution and knowing when your openings are (like after JDing a Blanka low fierce)

Stuff like whiff punishing or using RC’s doesn’t even come into play unless you can DP every single jump in without a second thought first. Ever wonder why guys like Shoryuken Dan, Choi, or Buk (when he’s not playing one button anti-air characters) are so good?

Thanks again for taking the time to post on this board. Stuff like playing for screen position (and not jumping back twice at the beginning of the round :rofl:) aren’t new concepts for me, but there are a whole bunch of other random little tips in your post that are new (like the not throwing the opponent out of the corner once you have him cornered, and the Rock advice in particular), and I appreciate that. :tup:

I was just making a hail hitler joke! I swear! =P

Haha, I know I was playing really badly.

Halcyonryu: I appreciate your comments, you in no way sound like an ass. I will take your comments into account when I play again.

Yes, I jumped alot. It was scrubby.

But a lot of it is my execution. In round 2 (with Blanka v Blanka) I did empty jump into nothing. I was trying to do the 1 frame s.jab into possibly a super. I messed up so ehhh to me.

Lots of the time that I was doing the jabs with Sagat I tried to do a afterwards into super but again my execution is crap.

With C groove, I don’t play C groove at all, let alone C Blanka and C Ken so obviously the lack of “skill” in that groove shows.

Thanks for the comments, I’ll try to record more vids the next time people come over.

One of the best things that people can do to learn things is to post their videos and get commentary on them, or even just watch them yourself. You really notice crap about how you play when you watch yourself or let others watch you. I hope you post more later and that other people do also, makes the boards more interesting.

Well one thing I will say is to play according to the matchup/situation. Like, if you can do something like a random crossup combo or whatever, but you don’t HAVE to according to the matchup/situation/etc., then don’t do it.

watching your own vids to learn mistakes is pretty good
something (imo) that’s even better is learning to consider your mistakes while you’re actually playing. the quicker you can realize what you’re doing wrong, the faster you’ll learn to fix it.

i suppose it’s not really easy to understand why you’re losing to so and so during the actual match, but it’s something you can train yourself to do.
start asking yourself between sets/games/characters, "ok how did i just lose that?"
realize what you’re doing wrong first, then concentrate on how to fix it.
try to actually THINK more when you’re playing instead of falling into repetitive patterns.

btw, this post is mostly in response to halcyon’s previous post. i never actually watched the vids, so i don’t have any specific advice. mine was more a general comment.

oh yeah, be more manic.

I can’t watch the vids on these stupid computers here, but I’d recommend learning to setup your jump ins.

A good example perhaps is Sak’s crossup following her throw, Kyo’s short jump mixups following kickthrow, Hibiki’s ambiguous jumpings following her’s.

Doesn’t have to be off throws, could be off some knockdown B&B’s like Nako’s ending with groundslide, sets up an easy deep crossup with the jab slide. Anything that gives you the next move for free while they’re recovering.

There’s more examples, but whatever.
Learning that concept, learn to defend against them with whatever tools you have…ie they set up their crossups, screw those with delayed getup or learning how to execute your reversal specials as you’re being crossed up. Learn to expect this as well from your opponent.
Playing against K, A, learn to expect to punish Safe Fall happy mofo’s.

Practice patterns so as to commit them to muscle memory, a connected jumpin for example should nearly always lead to a combo.

…Do people still do that Rock trap?

Just listen to some Michael Jackson - Thriller, all the answers will come easy at that point.

hee hee heeeeeeee

lmao wtf ^

if you’re talking about the double reppuken and rising tackles, yah i use it still…

i also place very low in tournies when i use rock.totally unrelated of course

Video coming up tomorrow.

I get owned.