Shinobi avatar request

It’s a pretty simple avatar. No rush whatsoever. I was hoping for one to be made based off the pic below:

  1. If it’s possible, make the pupils move as if he’s looking left and right.
  2. Make the Sega logo glow on and off.
  3. Crop out the copyright on the bottom righthand corner.

Thanks in advance! Again, no rush.

Actually, forget it. Rather than start another thread, I’d like an animated Streets of Rage avatar that uses the following 2 pics in this order:…bk3_intro3.gif…bk3_intro5.gif

The animation should go: picture of Axel’s back, white flash, picture of Axel punching the screen.

Although you don’t have to put in text, try incorporating my name somehow if you’d like.

Thanks in advance!

No rush!

Cool. Thank you much.

… links don’t work(?) …

Tat guy already got my request.