Here is everyones favorite ninja. maybe not.

i love you.

Great pic. Very intresting.

it’s a toss up between strider and shinobi for everyone’s fav ninja IMO. good shit as usual man. Btw, where’s your site at???

Your stuff rocks as usual SFMC.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A quick newbie question, how do you paint the bg efficiently? Are they all on the same layer or something?


A “still” picture, yet There is a sense of movement here, I like it alot (you can even apply the painting style it to some of it in “spots” to your Street fighter fight scenes- I like the painting style that youve shown here- :cool:-

Thanks everyone.

Liquid haha thanks

travis wassup dude. Thanks alot.

General tso. thanks a mil. the designer made a few mistakes the first time around and I told her just wait a bit cause i wanna add more stuff. She’s done though.

Thanks mr t. The bg and character are done on 1 layer. I usually paint the bg and character on a seperate layer if i’m doing a serious piece so i dont have to deal with that painting around the character b.s.

Gunstar whats up man. Thanks alot. You got any new stuff? haven’y seen you post anything new in a while.

oo thast hot you rocks.

that was amazing man.

u just sparked more juice w/in me I gotta get to work on the ken pic.

But after ghengis grill tomorrow.

Man! very nice as usual!

Your one of the few people I know of who can make brown look cool.

woah, this is diffrent from what Im used to seeing. This is really good, it’s crazy how you color it so sketchy that it comes out so solid. Oh and Shinobi ownz strider, that’s right I said it!

cool pic, love it, great red scarf thing :smiley:

I do not know the game in itself,but the drawing is very stylish,nice work SFMC :slight_smile:

I must have missed this topic. I cant believe I missed this. It fuckin’ owns. Do more. o.O

not a Shinobi fan, but nice art :slight_smile: