Shinryuken breakdown and Q's

does way more damage than it should
combo super results in half life majority of time
good counter
builds up fairly fast
priority over other supers( if 2 are done at the same time.)

wrong meter for ex’s
extremely shitty recovery time after missed super. The opp can even cross under you before you land.

most of the damage depends on how well you mash. From what ive tested, mashing too fast sometimes results in the lower end of the damage avaiable. Mashing the right way is a easily a 10-20 point differnece depending on the setup you use. This super has 3 damage ranges. LOW MID AND HIGH. I’ll use the s.shinryuken as an example. A low damage ranged shinryuken is high 40’s - mid 50’s and then scale accordingly. 70 being the max. The “one button technique” works decent but you end up with the low end of the damage sometimes. The 2 button alternating technique works good. It usually gives you the mid to high end of the damage avaiable but does dip down into the lower side. I’d have to say the 3 button simutaneously works the best. It’s ALWAYS mid to high range damage. I find that holding down works the best when mashing. Im not a big fan of the swiping technique and it doesnt work good for this super IMO. Pressing fast is usually what keeps the damage at the maximum. Just my opinion.

damage results: vs ryu

i think ryu has 140ish damage points. So 70ish is roughly half life vs ryu. All of these damage points are with mashing.

standing shinryuken = 49-68max (jumping OPP) depending where they are in the jump. 49 is peak jump damage.
standing shinryuken = 62-70max (standing OPP) super= 56-76max super= 56-77max (1 point diff)
srk+mp,super= 56-66max (1hit srk obviously)
srk+fp,super=(1hit) 49-61max (not worth it)
srk+fp,super=(2hit) 47-57max (not worth it)
mp,fp,super= 62-76max
s.fp,srk+mp,super= 62-75max (if replaced with a it would be the same damage)
short short super = 55-72max,mp,fp,super= 66-83-85max (doesnt have to be a crossover),mp,srk+mp,super= 65-81max (doesnt have to be a crossover),srk+lp,super= 59-76max (corner only)
mp,fp,srk+lp,super= 59-76max damage (corner only)
srk+lp,super= 54-71max (corner only)
fp,srk+lp,super= 65-80max (corner only)
fwd+fk,super = 69-84max (vs crouching OPP)

for maximum damage on the corner combos do them as you land. Dont cancel it. Corner srk combos do the decent damage plus, its easy to see the opponent jumping.

short short super is probably the best setup. Its fast and theres plenty of time to confirm for super. links for decent range BUT you CANT link off the tip of the foot. Fwd+fk works but theres time to see ken move forward. If you think the opp is going to block, just faint the kick and toss them. I find that the fwd+fk works best after a knockdown or a You have to play the footsie game in order to get the OPP to block low. Who cares if they parry the shoto sweep. Just let them know that YOU WILL GO LOW. Thats when you hit them with the fwd+fk. Once you have a meter all it takes is a parry or a mistake by the OPP and its over. After a few good shinryukens, your OPP will back off and thats when you punish him\her with rush downs. Once the OPP knows you can land the shinryuken he\she is bound to fuck up. You dont have to land the super. Just make them think you are.

**how come I cant get the same damage all the time? example: will do 60ish at times then next time do 70ish.

**does the fullness of the stun meter scale damage?

I’m nots sure if this is old or not but its kinda weird. If you want to test this for yourself, put the dummy on stand in training mode,turn on attack data and mp,fp,srk+lp. Notice it will do 40 damage till you get to the end of the stun meter or you stun them. Once the stun is over, mp,fp,srk+lp does 31,33,36,38,40 damage almost randomly.??? it only happens in the round you stun them in. It will reset after each round.

That’s one of the best things about the shin – great mind games once you have bar. You don’t fuck around in close quarters or on jump in with the threat of it. I don’t alter my gameplay too much against a charged SA3, but SA2 makes a big difference.

I’ve noticed the full stun messing w/ damage points too – I can’t figure out the system for it either.


Shinryuken is a very good super, but Ken has a flaming Srk. No one should be jumping in on Ken anyway. If this super belonged to a character who had poor anti-airs, it would certainly be used. But Ken can repel attacks w/o the Shinryuken.

DP can be big parry bait, Shinryu is not. His AA is good but not enough to say “no one should jump in on him.” If that’s your mentality you’re ignoring a big part of someone’s anti-Ken game.

I know one Shinryu player, and having his bar charged is much more threatening than a stocked Shippu, whose damage doesn’t worry me too much, even though you’ll obviously get hit w/ way more shippus than shinryus in the long run.

I love it when people pick this super, I’ll just jump in all the time trying to bait out that super. When it finally does come out its parry time. :badboy: This super, although damaging isn’t exactly too practical, if you play ken long enough you’ll realize that sa3 is the only way to go since it links with almost everything. :lame:

And oh yeah, Shinryuken goes right through Aegis unblockables – just now watching a local tourney vid that reminded me :slight_smile:

Yeah…great tournament vid

Haha, well now you know at least. I think SagaContinues (is that his new SRK name?) is the only serious SA2-only Ken in the States so it won’t plague you too often.

I tell u what combo I would LOVE to see

Jump cross up MK standing MP into HP, the weak srk and then kara into another weak srk and then super SA2 and mash the buttons.

i’m pretty sure it’s not possible to connect a kara-Shoryuken after strong, fierce x jab Shoryuken.

the only time that would work is if they’re in the corner. vs. the Shotos, you don’t need to kara the second jab Shoryuken.

vs. Q, you can do that wherever, but if it’s outside the corner, supercancelling the 2nd Shoryuken will spit him away.


I guess if my combo worked that really would make Ken to God tier. If that combo workd I might have 2 choose SA2 :tup:

You can just whatever combo, SRK xx SA2 and it’s still cool. I dunno if adding an SRK does more damage or not though.

That is one of the WORST ideas I have ever heard. Parry speed changes depending on how much they mash. Sure, I’ve parried it before, but it’s not something I’d be trying to bait out because of it’s variable parry speed. I’d rather full red parry Ken’s SA3, or red parry out of Ken’s SA1 than even bother trying to go airborne against an SA2 Ken. It’s like Ken’s mini Shin Shoryuken.

EX srk is way sufficient for an anti-air for ken.

most dangerous move in ken’s arsenal : crouching mk.
crouching mk xx SA2 : you spin really fast in the air and get hit on the way down : not ken’s choice of super

That makes no sense. That’s like saying xx SA3: you spin really fast on the ground and get hit if you missed. Try again. You might not know this, but xx SA2 definitely combos and the Shinryu has huge vaccuum.

This thread isn’t a SA2 vs. SA3 thread anyway, so go be nonsensical somewhere else.

A new question though – my roommate plays only SA2 for Ken; has anyone else seen a decent Ken in tourneys that used it?

i think he meant that if you were to use Ken’s c. forward the way Shippu players do, then yeah, you’ll be spinning in the air just waiting to get your ass kicked when you come down because Shinryuken has the worst range out of Ken’s 3 SAs. yeah, it does have some sort of vaccuum effect, but not enough for you to be able to abuse c. forward (again) the way most top level or even decent Kens do.

and yes, the thread isn’t whether Shinryuken is better than Shippu (which, of course, it isn’t), but IMHO, seeing that Shinryuken is being discussed as a tourney worthy super, now that’s nonsensical :lol:. fun and a change of pace from Shippu, but if you wanna win, then yeah. you know what i’ma say :lol:.



When did I even mention SA3? read my effing post
i didn’t compare sa2 to sa3

sa2 provides a better antiair and that’s it. ken already has a very good one.