Shin's sprite works and stuff


Hey y’all, I don’t really post here(or in general) but I always come here to look at many of y’alls talented artwork here and there. Been bored so I decided to post some of my stuff…which is mostly sprites nowadays. I’m actually still kinda new at sprites(3 years I guess?) so they’re not really as good as Capcom’s(and never will be lol) but I always try to get that Capcom style every time I make one. Started spriting when I was working with ppl on a Mugen project but we broke up a while back and it kinda left me doing custom sprites for fun and what not. I also animate sprites and other things but not so much nowadays…too many frames and it takes alot of time lol.

No More Heroes - Travis Touchdown and Bad Girl

Ace Attorney - Ema Skye and Franziska von Karma

Afro Samurai (friends request at dA)

Naruto - Kimimaro

Mortal Kombat - Scorpion

And sorry if the colors/shades/tones aren’t really good here and there. I, in general, suck at coloring and coloring sprites are a pain…seriously. I also still have a hard time with human anatomy so you’ll spot a few errors in some muscles. They’re all 100% custom made btw, lineart and all…none are frankenspriting or stolen. Those stuff aren’t not my kinda thing. :confused:

That’s all I have for now but I’m still working on lots of sprites here and there. Currently working on Tifa from FFVII and Grimmjaw from Bleach…I’ll probably finish them by the end of the week I guess. If ya wanna see some other original sprites/stuff from me, just visit my dA profile. I have a few SF things in there and soon I’ll be making some SFIV sprites after my current load is done hopefully.

Hope y’all like them!


Wow, those are pretty badass. :cool:


Thanks alot man! They were hard to make so I’m glad you like them. :slight_smile:

Here are a Gouki sprite based on his Shoushi taunt I did late yesterday. I just finished the energy animation earlier today:

And here some older Ryu stuff from last year. 2 are unfinished but I won’t finish them nowadays…to big and time consuming. :confused:

Original characters of mine:

Hope y’all like these too.


ooh id love to make a request~


Very nice work. I especially like your Afro Samurai and Pyramid Head warrior (that’s the first thing that came to mind.) :rofl:


Do you make these from scratch?

Amazing work btw.


Thanks guys and sure, I’ll do a request if ya like Master Chibi. Just name a character and I’ll try and find and make a sprite of her/him.

And yeah, they’re all made from scratch. I look at artwork/screenshots/other sprites as a reference for their costumes/outfit first and then I just think of a stance/pose for the character and then I mouse it from there. Lineart isn’t that hard but I’m still a newb at coloring.


Awesome stuff dude, I want to get good at sprite art eventually myself, and may just have to put in a request in :wink:


Yeah, sprite art is pretty hard when you start off but it gets considerably easier going on.

Here are some others I haven’t posted here yet. And lol, I know the Naruto hate here already but eh.


I love Naruto, so your covered, and yes I play GNT4 8P, as unbalanced as that game is :rofl:.


Lets make SF4 portable :wink:


your sprites are awesome man, how are you deciding their dimensions?


Thanks guys! As for dimensions, their sizes are kinda based off of the CVS series sprites. Those are a little bigger than Alpha’s and just a bit smaller than SF3’s. I always work on a 150x150 blank page(zoomed at x8 or x9) so I can measure from there. I also take account on how characters are in their own series and how they are in others.

For example: Link is pretty short compared to others since he’s a Hylian. In SC2 and the Smash Bros. series, he is shorter than an average man but around the height of a teenager. If he wasn’t crouching, the dude would be Naruto’s height. Average men should be around Travis’s height but if the dude is a fighting type, he should be around Scorpion’s.

That’s pretty much how I do dimensions and stuff.


Shin-The red character with the tilted hat looks awesome/menacing.


Oh him? He’s like the big boss of my series and I actually based him off M.Bison, Gouki and Sagat.

SFIV: Ryu Vs M.Bison

Made them bigger than usual and based their colors off of CVS with differences. Third Strike coloring style is too hard for me as of now. Ryu’s arm is kinda off too…


Pretty awesome.


ya this shit is cool! Make a sprite of an alcoholic bum and I’ll owe you one!( I have no idea where youd get the art for it )…lol


Lol…an alcoholic bum? :rofl: I dunno man…but if you can find a pic, then I’ll give it a try.

Fulgore - couldn’t find a decent pic of his armor…


Wow I like the link how long did it take?

Also the Ryu and Bison how did you make that? did you make it from scratch?


Link took me 6 hours iirc. He wasn’t really hard but his sword was lol.

And yeah, Ryu and Bison are from scratch. Lineart for them took 2 hours but the whole thing took 21 hours.


some really cool stuff in here. i’m really diggin’ your afro samurai!