ShinTea Time Results 4/3/04

State College, PA aka Pennstate Tournament results:


1st - Gary NY
2nd - Brad(xerlic) NY
3rd - Mike Masaka VA


1st - Nestor CT
2nd - Tony CT
3rd - Alex Ypei MD


1st, 2nd,3rd - Nestor, Tony, Josh - CT


1st - Eric Lee MD
2nd - Dennis SC
3rd - Alex Ypei MD


1st - Masaka VA
2nd - Eric Lee MD
3rd - Tony CT


1st, 2nd, 3rd - Dan, Remy, Randy

TTT: 1st - Eric Lee

VS - 2 players signed up so it was canceled.

Thanks for coming and sorry about the bad turnout. Must have been the Daylights saving’s time that turned everyone away :frowning:

Dope. So if I went, I win MvC2 for free and it’s me vs my old pal Mike Creque in ST for the title of “must obscure and underattended tournament of the new millenium ST champion.”

I’m sure FMJ is the bomb player he claims to be, with the 20 people he draws in for comp every 6 months!

But for rills, should have had this on Sunday, I would have come.

How many people showed up for #r?

Good job Xerlic :slight_smile:

sorry i didn’t make it (never said i would though :p) but i don’t play #r…i still would’ve come though because state college people are awesome to hang with but I had no ride either =/

13 people. :rolleyes: About the size of your average Break tournament.

It was fun nonetheless. It was cool hanging out with the SC guys again. Props to Masaka for a really close match in the losers finals. He would have had me if I didn’t get a burst back when I did.

Thanks to Jarvi for being hospitable to us once again. He led us to free food. It was cool seeing a lot of people again. I’m going to sleep. Who got 2nd in the GGXX teams?

Sorry we don’t have the time to run tournaments every month or play as much as you but we are trying our best to stay involved with this community. We took a big risk by running this tournament but it was worth it. We had a lot of fun, even with a low turnout.

Props to Rochester, MD, VA, pitt and everyone else who came out to support us.

Thanks to everyone who came out in spite of…daylight saving’s time? :smiley: It was a lot of fun, so much to learn…

Thanks Eric Lee and Mike! for all the ST matches. I want so badly to win with certain characters when the odds are against me :stuck_out_tongue: too stubborn.

Also thanks Nestor for cvs2 tips.

Congrats to the winners

Sorry I couldn’t go due to the circumstances. Hope to see the Penn State crew at ECC.


First of all, big thanks to FMJ for housing me and Eric and for holding such a nice tournament. Met some really cool people this weekend, I hope to play u guys again at ECC or something. Anyone have the GGXX Team results? Also, good games to everyone I played, and guess what…MD IS COMING BACK ON THE MAP :smiley:

the tourney was decent enough. The fact that I got to meet and talk w/ the most modest kickass players made this tourney end nicely for the semester.(for me at least) Ya’ll are the coolest, & thanx for all the random advice. I’m finally putting spiral/sent to rest I think… or at least on the backburner.
…tho, I forgot to meet Xerlic and that Cha Cha fellow, and didnt introduce myself to eric, the dude who won 3s(I was the azn dude who gave ya the soda)

This was jarvi(QuakeIIBest)'s last SC tourney(last time he’ll be 100% w/ SC)…:mad: :frowning: I hope it was well worth it for him. viva la venezuelan!!! Hopefully we’ll see more of you in the future.

and some random things:
-I think fmj still has my dc.
-more people need to pick up VS…even if its just for fun
-I still dont know how you get free food other than the sodas outside :bluu:
-did anyone find a broken black GC pad?I was planning on hacking it :bluu:

I played as badly in GG as I did at March Madness… I usually don’t have trouble preforming well under pressure, but this is a trend that I definately have to break. Hopefully the next time I see you guys, I will be more worth your time.
Anyhow, I did have a good time and thanks to everyone who came. And to everyone who said they would come, but didn’t; post next time so we can know how many people to expect…

Thanks to everyone who brought and helped move equipment and anything else you might have done to help the tournament run more smoothly.

Good games to everyone I played too.

Yeah, thx to everyone who showed up. It was rough for us to get this tournament running in the first place and I believe that it was a success IMO. I learned a lot from watching a lot of you guys play marvel, cvs2, st, 3s. Big thx to CT crew, we always can count on them for coming. Also, MD, Va, Pitt guys are the truth.

Shot out to Nestor for being MAD cool and friendly. One of the nicest guys out there.

Thx to Tony from CT for schooling me in ST, and CvS2 :lol:

Also to Dennis for taking me out in 3s You will pay for that one day

Sunni for driving my ass all over State College and helping me move my TV. thx bro:cool:

Alphastorm, and FMJ for making the brakets and stuff.

Thx to Eric, Alex, and Masaka for coming too.

And to everyone else who helped in some way.

I don’t know when I will be able to do the converting for the marvel vids I recorded. I got tons of work to do but I will do it hopefully the semester is out.

Good luck to Jarvi in his travels. Hope u enjoyed the touney.



Hmm, what I dont understand is, how come guys like Masaka and Xerlic come to this little tournament but they didnt show at March Madness? :confused:

A work obligation kept me out of March Madness. Sometimes, being a contract programmer sucks. I’ll be at ECC and MWC though :slight_smile: I was at this tourney more to just hang out with the SC crew than I was for the tourney itself though.

Major thanks go out to Jason for putting me up for the night and getting me up this morning. Hope you got that extra sleep. Glad to see you’re keeping ST alive up there.

I think team Thrown Together got 2nd in the team tournament. Which was pretty good since we were just kind of picked!

I had a lot of fun. It was great seeing and playing with Andy, Jarvi, Josh, Jason and Sunni. We’d never gotten to play as much at the Williamsport tournies, so it was good to just be able to sit, hang and play.

Shout outs to the NY and CT players. Xerlic, we’ll definitely have to play again sometime. Next time, I’ll keep a closer eye on the burst meter! And to whomever that Venom player was who only plays the CPU, you guys need to get him to play people more often.

Hopefully, I’ll see you guys at ECC and/or MWC

Fine, nobody give props to the lone team serious member who came in 4th:mad: …and never gets to practice.:bluu:

But I had fun. Sorry to my Team Serious crew for not repping all that well, but Im a May player, and I suck…and I really only play 3d fighters. But someday I wont drop every combo I attempt…someday:lol:

cha cha

Gayest man in shoryuken…

p.s. stop talking shit about people who are trying to have fun. FMJ is mad chill and all state college people are trying to do is enjoy themselves and graduate. again, stop talking shit, or i’ll show you how much I REALLY fukking hate you. Faggot.


Gary is top tier! Congrats.

Come down to T.O. again I wanna play u guys, weather has cleared up…

Yo Masaka good seeing you again and thanks for teaching us all how to play reload. RIT crew and Conn too, awesome guys and great skills.

I think SC is on the brink as far as reload goes, our biggest problem is we choke under tourney pressure. But we’ll get there.

The turnout wasn’t as great as expected, but it was still fun and well, for the fall, we are going to get our shit together and throw together something major to get all the EC reload players up here.

I have like 10 hours of footage from the matches, so we’ll get some vids converted of the best matches.


That free food really made the tourney. :lol:

This is Gary from NY, BTW. I’m not sure of the nicknames of most of the guys that I met. Just wanted to say that everyone was very nice and the SC guys were more than helpful with any questions I had. The campus and town were awesome. I wish my town had that kind of atmosphere and activity. Wish I had time to explore the area more.

Jarvi: Thanks for the games and leading us around campus. If I go back there, I’m am expecting to be led towards more free stuff. Hopefully with most of the selection intact. :smiley:

Sapphire: Hope to see you soon, esp. now that I have some distant relatives up there.

Cha: Your May deserves props. You’re seemed to be doing like twice the work just to get inside for some damage and your matches were some of the most entertaining ones at the tourney.

Masaka: Both Brad and I kinda robbed you of a match during our respective sets. Those were some of our best games.

CT guys: Seemed like you guys were running around beating everyone at whatever game was up. Glad I met and talked to Josh for a bit.

OK, a more coherent post now that I’ve had sleep.

Jarvi, Josh, Nate, Savonne, Alpha, Sunni, and the rest of the SC guys: You guys are chill as fuck. Rochester had a great time the tourney and just hanging out with you guys. Everyone was really polite and friendly when we had questions and shit.Thanks esp to Jarvi for walking us to that store when we were thirsty. Even tho he was prolly having a good time at the tourney, he took the time out to personally take us instead of giving directions. That was pretty cool. I didn’t catch the name of the guy who played Dizzy/Baiken, but it was cool playing/meeting you. Always cool to see Dizzy players. Even though the turnout wasn’t that great, we still had a good time. Thanks.

Masaka, your Buri was crazy good. I was kinda nervous playing you cuz you were rocking me in casual beforehand. I was kinda looking forward to playing your Jam, tho. =/ I remember when I was messing around with Jam a while back, I was using a lot of the info you posted up on GCC so I always thought of you as a Jam player. I’ll def see you at some tournament sometime soon, hopefully.

AMT: It was good seeing everyone’s favorite hobbit again. I still hate Faust. =P He’s an anti-dizzy piece of trash. Your buddy’s Venom was awesome, too. I kinda wish I had more time to play him.

Cha: Much love for May. Dude, everytime you were throwing out random HS and into dolphin and hitting people, I was laughing. Sorry I couldn’t make it to MM. I had 3 midterms this week and spent most of last weekend/this week studying. Ask any of the Rochester guys cuz I was pretty much nonexistent for any of the practice sessions. I still have no idea how I placed. >.< But yeah, if it wasn’t for that I def would have been there. I wouldn’t pass up a chance to hang out with Team Serious for nothing. ; ;

Sapp: WTF, other players from Roch placed dude! jk =P We’ll def be up in TO soon. I fiend for Pop’n Music and Bubble Tea.

Elven: Yeah, see my comment to Cha. I would have loved to play your Faust at MM tho I prolly would end up getting pissed cuz Faust is gay and all. If you’re at ECC, maybe I’ll see you there.

Oh, and the GGXX team results I’m guessing are:

1st Team Roch Xerlic/Fasno/Grifter (Dizzy/Axl/Ky)
2nd MarylandVirginiaPitts Dunno what their names were, but Masaka was their anchor (Slayer/Sol?/Buri)
3rd Team Jarvi QuakeII_Best /IplayCVS2/Cuervo (Sol/Axl/Ky)

haha… I suck… I gotta practice more so I will see you all next tourney. Big thanks to everyone who helps CT everytime we come up and Jarvi for always hooking us up with a place. Oh yeah Nestor says thanks for fattening his wallet :smiley: .