Shipping a Bare No-boxed hraps overseas


Hey guys,
I just bought a HRAP and it was delivered to a friends house. I’m going to ask him to ship it without the box so i can save up in shipping, since i live in brazil.
Can you guys tell me what’s usps best option to ship the hrap safe? I know there are some ‘All you can fit’ boxes that can be shipped through priority shipping but can anybody clarify that for me?

Thanks in advance.


You live in Brazil? and by looking at your avatar, is your real name Jimmy?
Anyways, shipping via USPS just tell your friend to go to like a Costo and get a box there, they are free. Also, just make sure he packs it good with either, bubble wrap, peanuts or newspaper. USPS pricing is determined by the size of the box and weight, plus make sure he picks shipping confirmation too, its worth the $$$.


What is shipping confirmation? I always order stuff without tracking numbers.
What is Costo? I was planning a box cause then the stick doesnt have to be protected, the box would protect it.


I think those all you can fit boxes are domestic only. But you should be able to find all your answers at Also look at - it may or may not be cheaper to use ups (united parcel service).


What’s wrong with the original packaging, is it huge or heavy or something?


lol, you’re thinking of shipping a HRAP overseas with no packaging material; just in a box?

Expect your HRAP to arrive as CRAP.


I have like 4 friends who did the same. Tha HRAPS arived perfectly. I don’t know how USPS works but brazilians post office takes insane good care with stuff. It was elected many times as the best post-office logistic by specialized magazines. Off course my friend is going to put some bubblewrap plastic to protect.

And yeah slichern, compared to a protected controler by bubblewrap the box is HUGE.


Well if your friend is looking for the perfect box, I think he lives in Fremont right? He can go to the “Container Store” in San Jose in Santana Row. They have a whole bunch of boxes that I’m sure will be the perfect fit. It is the cheapest place I’ve found locally to buy boxes and Bubble wrap in bulk.

I am not sure if the USPS flat rate boxes fit a HRAP but here is the link I found.
Still will have to get some bubble wrap though.

Oh crap yeah I forget. I don’t think flat rate shipping is applies to international. Also I think there is a law against using the Flat Rate boxes for anything other than Priority mail. I know a lot of UPS or FedEx places won’t ship something packed in a Priority Mail Flat rate box, since they give them out for free.


You can definitely put an HRAP in a smaller box than what’s used. Heck, the T5 stick basically uses the same basic plastic casing and came in a smaller box to boot, too!

Hori wastes insane amounts of space with the HRAP boxes and I really don’t think they protect those sticks any better than the T5 boxes protected the T5 sticks. It’s B.S. to say that the stock RAP boxes are any better. The sticks are really protected by the thick outer cardboard vanilla packing boxes they were shipped in from whatever Chinese factory they were made at.

The HRAP’s are basically suspended within their 4-color boxes in almost egg carton-like cardboard between thin cardboard walls! That’s protection??? :rofl: The MadCatz TE’s have better protection in their “collector’s boxes” within their foam end caps!

Main thing you do get charged for in shipping (by any service) is weight. Sure, it can help to reduce the boxsize a bit but those sticks are heavy regardless of what they get shipped in. Shipping internationally is outrageously expensive anyway you slice it once weight slips into the pounds end of scales…


The USPS website has prices for flat rate boxes to be shipped internationally so i guess that’s not a problem. But, what you guys are suggesting is to buy a box and bubble wrap and he’s set to go, right? I’m gonna to to him. And yeah, he lives in san jose actually, i thought he lived in fremont.


Any other tips?


take it apart


I’m revisiting my old threads just to say thank you. That was my second arcade stick and since then I’m still playing and even assembling my first candy cabinet.

Thanks a lot SRK for all these fine years!