Shipping question

I’ve been trading on the Trading Outlet now since the days of Al the Great… and I have a question, just in general…

Everything, sans maybe two items that I’ve sold, I’ve shipped via USPS. What’s the advantage of using a service like UPS, FedEx, or DHL? I find they cost more, and they have a lot of silly rules about how the receiver can pick up their packages. Like if the package requires a signature and you don’t live near a drop-off area, the package gets returned back to the sender. I had to jump through hoops to get them to change the delivery time by a few days.

It seems like for the cost, they should be more submissive to your wants.

Is there any disadvantage of using USPS? I had ONE package in about 10 years of online trading/buying/selling that was lost, and it was a pretty recent transaction on SRK.