Shit talking, how do you react to it

You’re at the arcade taking a beating from a guy you don’t know and this dude is acting all arrogant and shit talking. What do you do ?

Cheese him to death. But it depends, I know this one guy who yells out whatever he’s doing with his character as he plays and he’s really loud. But he does it cause it’s funny, and I sit there and laugh with him.

Your choices suck. I will not vote. You seem stuck on being baited. I do as newb does and play ‘cheesy’ to win. Though I don’t see as cheesy, just as focusing.

you don t do shit, if you got sportsmanship, you try to win.

Wow, how many people do you come across that you DON’T know that shit talk you? I don’t recall coming across this situation that often and if I did I’d beat them anyway and talk MAD SHIT right back on them.

Where’s the “ignore” option?

It already happened to me. Three guys came to a 3s tourney and they were shit talking all the time, against all their opponents and nobody there knew them. They would say things like “ahahah this guy is so lame” and start making fun of you. Everybody was very mad against them. Personnally I can accept shit talk from a friend but NOT from someone I don’t know.

Edit : Indeed, I forgot the “ignore him” option, and unfortunaly I can’t edit my poll

Personally I get sick of it.

Some people think they’re God’s greatest gifts to fighting games when there’s always someone better than them.

If I play against people, I try to keep my cool and if it was a good game, I congratulate them, win or loss, and shake their hand to let them know it was a good game. I’ve made a few friends this way, as even though I may have been the crap out of them, I still congratulate them for making an effort to play me in the first place. One guy I used to play Marvel 2 at early in it’s stages is now good friends with me and is now much better than me because he practiced his ass off. I probably never would’ve made good friends with him if I didn’t show him sportsmanlike conduct.

These days, it seems like many fighting game players just like to talk trash instead of being professional about things. I can understand using it as a tactic, but it’d nice if people were at least professional about it.

It’s pretty sad when you see more trash talking in the Fighting Game community than something like a local LAN of Halo 2.

Professionalism is boring, though. I poke fun/talk trash because I play games somewhat for social intereaction. It comes off as childish, and I am glad it does.

That’s what I was wondering, too.

A little ribbing with your buddies is fine, but it sounds like those guys were just assholes.

I’ve never had good players be dicks like that, it’s usually just the scrubs getting pissy because they suck, and then they try to attack you personally because they can’t do it in the game.

A) If he sucks and I whoop him, he’s probably going to change his tone and call me a cheap/cheating/shoto whoring (even if I use Elena) bitch. I then apologize to him, telling him I rushed him down because with all that shit-talking he was doing, I assumed he was somewhat good. If he keeps playing, talking shit, and losing, I start asking questions about his game (Why the fuck do you keep jumping around, why are you spamming EX moves with SA2 Ken, etc. etc.)

B) If he beats me, I say “Hey buddy. Good game,” give him a good slap on the ass, and walk out.

Those options makes no sense.

Trash talking are reserved for the worst players and unhappy grown-up nerds.

I play to play.

I keep throwing them, it makes them mad for some reason, especially after the 5th.

Your choices are lame. It does look like you’re trying to bait people in to making a certain one.
I just ignore it and try to win.
I won’t get mad about it unless they start getting really personal.

i hear ya…especially if ur someone with a multi hit throw. otherwise ignore em or crush em

Hmm, you don’t have really good options
I usually just laugh it off, ignore it, place another quarter on the quarter line, and wait to play again. No biggy.

I ignore, but since that isn’t a choice, I picked talk shit back.

Read my posts before saying shit like that. I said that I forgot the “ignore him” option, and that I couldn’t edit my poll.

You “forgot” laugh, too.

I laugh at that shit, because it’s almost always funny. Only reason people shit talk is for fun anyway. Don’t take things so seriously, damn.