Shitty Yellow Bus Tourney

3rd Strike Results:

1st: Ricky Ortiz aka Hello Kitty aka Ms. Cleo #2
2nd: Emphy Naps aka Fuck 3rd Strike, i’ll play tekken 5 aka Best Urien in AMERICA!
3rd: Mike W. aka White Mike aka Makoto Mike aka the dude with the jumping RH all day EVERYDAY!
4th:I think it was “Kinetix” ??? If so Kinetix aka i had to play this dude winners and losers aka i got served by this guy
5th: Phil aka the dude i see beating people’s asses at cvs2 with P-Groove aka P-groove is nice like ice!
6th: Mikes aka i dunno this dude (No homo)
7th: Chunksta aka ME aka i need to learn how to not put coins after losing one round in 3s aka im hyphy aka i wanna be cakey in 3rd strikey!
8th: Paul aka i dunno this guy (No homo)

WELL, this tournament was trash, so disappointing, no offense Korngo. I don’t know if SVGL should have anymore tournaments hosted there. The turn out for other games was gay except Tekken 5.

NO CVS2 TOURNEY! It’s hard to believe that 'cause i thought Cvs2 comp at svgl was pretty good, anyways, No cvs2 tourney = GHEY

NO MARVEL TOURNEY! Nobody but 4 people would enter in this game. No marvel tourney = EXTRA GHEY

Anyways, i had fun watching 3s. Good shit to the placers including ME! hahaha.

Until the next tourney…Which will be the same as usual…


Yeah 4th was me, Mike aka “Kinetix”. Players were avoiding svgl yesterday :sad:

There was like 30 people for cvs2 @ Modesto tourney. Some people here was thinking of going there but it was too far and plus I’m sure on aprl 14th… there will be some stocktonians coming there for MGL… maybe…