Shmupmame - improved mame build!


a fella over on shmups.system11 just released his own version of mame that cuts down on input delay for a lot of drivers for shmups which owns

what also owns is that these drivers include the cps1, cps2, and cps3 drivers which means you can play capcom fighters with less input delay


source code:

enjoy yall!


Do you think its possible to implement this into GGPO or 2df? It would be ace for the online fg community


nice! going to install this on my mame cab when I get home.


Nice. Couple of questions

Take ssf2 super turbo and sf3 3rd strike as examples, what kind of input lag are we talking about in the official mame build?

So will this custom build work for those games as well?

In the link that you provided, it said that for cps2, it removes 1 frame of input delay. So there will still be delay but 1 frame less?

For offline play only, does any of the following emulators have input delay (and how many frames)?

final burn alpha

I am trying to see which one is best for practicing reversal.

Until I find someone selling a cps2 B board of ssf2x, I can only practice on emulators for now.


I don’t think ggpo does anything about input delay, it’s just a networking lib isn’t it? Do you mean fba?


Well, I’m not even sure if FBA has this same input delay that mame had. I’m totally tech unworthy so dont know how to test it.

But this mame is really cool. I was playing HF a little bit last night with a homey and it felt so much tighter.