Sho Nuff's Dojo - SF 4 & CvS2 Weekly Tournaments

RICH KID ACADEMY in co-operation with JIXXER,GZR NIGHTS and I present to you…

Sho Nuff’s Dojo - 6pm Start / Sign Up between 8-9pm for tourney start time ( On Practice & MM Nights we will wrap things up about 11 pm but tourney nights go later )

1346 B. Street

For Confirmation for EVERY Event call 1st to : JIXXER ( Jix errr ) - 510 288 9372 or - 510 688 7059

Plenty of room for many players… 3 nice tv setups…PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN STICKS…

Here is our weekly schedule : Mainly On X-Box 360 & on PS3 time to time as well

Tuesday - Casual Free Play / Practice ( Play with friends and get better !!! )

Thursday - Money Match / Personal Challenge Mode ( Want to see who’s better ? )

Friday - SF 4 Tournament & CvS 2 ( 2 out of 3 Winner’s and Loser’s bracket ) $6 $1 goes to the house from each entry for supplies . Entry Split %70 -%20 %10

We will be recording the Top 3 Placer’s matches along with highly anticipated match ups & Money Matches. These will be posted on

THANK YOU to last week’s winner FILIPINO CHAMP and Top Placers HIRO aka HYDRO and JASON COLE.

Match videos from that tourney as well as pictures will be posted soon.

and or pad? ;]

I edited the 1st post…and pads are welcome…( Especially at the end of the month ) LOL !!!

good shit… I prolly will be attending these. Last week was fun. Got 4th place, damn Cole’s boxer.

can we still MM on tourney night as well?

Orlando: Yes Money Matches are valid on Tourney Night…and if you wanna warm up get there early since the tourneys start between 8-9pm. Thanks for coming and doing so well. I think I will actually enter next tourney !!!

Good playing you guys… I have my stick back! This is david – dr.b lets MM cvs2 next time… someone has ps2 sticks right?


We may run “SHO NUFF’s Dojo” …But we like to keep it…( Look Below )

i will be able to make it out in 2 weeks, finals next week -_-

I’m in. I posses the power… of the Glow.

Is there going to be a session later tonight? Just want to make sure because me, a friend and his gf want to come down for this.

:lol: yea session tonight

See everyone for Tourney Night tonight who isn’t going to 3 on 3. No matter what JIXXER,a few others and I will be there tappin’ away on those buttons…holla !!!

DAMN ! Tonight was sick man. GGs to everyone in SFIV and CvS2.

Congrats to Dr.B for taking CvS2 and Mghosta for 2nd. Stealing all the monah!

Looking forward to the next one! Good shit to Dr.B and Jixxer for hosting this. :slight_smile: I will manage the videos sometime, at the very latest i will have sort them out after my finals next week.

sorry i couldn’t be there tonight. work sucks. hopefully i can make it to another one soon.

yah ggs tonight, sorry i had to leave early, my gf was busting my balls to get home

Thank You everyone for stopping by last night…BATMAN77 will be updating with a post…Lion-X and M-Ghosta were goin hard in CvS2 !!! Fun games in SF 4 as well…See you guys next week and EVERY WEEK at SHO NUFF’s Dojo where EVERYONE is welcome…Cheers…

:lol: forgot the list at jixer’s house :sweat:

There will be a tekken 6 tourny this week too. Casuals for tekken start at 8pm and tourny for tekken starts around 9pm.

$6 entry fee.

casuals in general for everything else will be starting at 7pm :bgrin:

so this friday is a tekken night?

is it SF4 and Tekken every friday? or one gets left out? i’d hate to show up for the wrong tourney -_-

yeah. i thought this was just going to be sf4 and cvs2?