SHO RYU KEN spelling


isn’t that where the names Ryu and Ken came from?

if so why did Seth Killian the whole Tourney refer to R Y U as R O O

Every time he said ROO… Like Kango(Roo)

I felt like throwing my Monitor out the window

It’s an old mispronunciation that grew into a nickname. Deal with it.

oh man.

well, its a consequence of accents and romanization of a non-english language.

You might want to invest in some anger management therapy.

i thought it was a nickname for Ryu

Seriously? You’re that mad at someone pronouncing it differently? :S

So what…

I missed the finals (Justin Vs Diago) because of this. I torched my monitor yelling “DIE SETH!” but really, i found them saying “Roo” pretty aggrivating,

Just hate it when someone tries to correct me.

I say Rye-u, they tell me no its Ree-U!

I say Sag-at, they tell me no its Sa-got!

Not gonna lie tho, what really erks me is the way my friend says Dhalsim. He pronounces his name as Dazem. WTF is a Dazem?

i’ve always called him catcher in the rye-u.

Next time, please do throw your monitor out the window so you can’t make fucking retarded topics like this one.

Oh god it never stops.


You fucking made a topic because of this?

One guy mispronounces a Japanese word and another guy gets upset and slowly falls asleep with his imported companion body pillow.

Different pronunciations are awesome and amusing. Why get mad over it?

“Able” and “Abel” crack me up all the time. I don’t even care which one is correct.

Same with “Roo”, “Yu”, “Ree-Yuu” and “Rai-Yuu”, it’s all funny to me.

Especially “Ya–ng” and “Yay-ng”

Incidentally he also pronounced “Ball-Rog” kind of like “Bowel-Rog” which cracked me the fuck up to no end. I might start calling him that, too.

I make them so retards like you can come and post in them

You guys are starting to sound like the guys on the Elitist-Jerksforum

edit: haha, wow, -804 reputation for this post. Sorry, I didn’t realize I’d hit your weak spot for massive damage ; )

Ken is derived from the ancient Scottish word ‘kenning’, a verb that translates as ‘to know’.

Ryu means ‘a way of doing something’, as in a style or school of martial arts, for example.

Also, please seek psychological help. Your monitor isn’t the cause of your mental illness, it may in fact be the cure.

Thanks for pointing out that the last syllable of kangaroo sounds like Seth Killlian’s casual pronunciation of Ryu.

No disrespect.

Perpetual motion is only possible with human stupidity as the prime mover? I… learned something today.

Respect for your allusion to the Wasteland in your sig., by the way. Those verses predict the subconscious mindset of the 20th century quite accurately.



I call Ryu and Sagat the same way to, lol.

We are well met Sai, well met indeed.

Long days and pleasant nights.

Me too, except I actually did it. However, soon after, I realized that “Roo…Roo…Roo” was actually coming from my speakers and I destroyed my monitor for no reason.