SHO RYU KEN spelling



“Roo” is how most Japanese people sound when they say “Ryu’s” name. “Ree-yu” is just as correct, and more aligned with how we pronounce it.

“Rye-u” is wrong, and always has been.

Thread is fucking stupid, too. As it’s been stated already. I posted in it anyway, in spite of knowing this.

I completely agree and also anime (thats a-knee-may) should only be watched with original nippon voices if you do not have your copy of street fighter 4 (thats striitfyter fawr) set to nippon voices you must commit hara-kiri (thats haaa-ru-key-reeei) with your monitor nippon ichi saikyo kawaii desu oyajiiiiiiii!!!1111!!!

I remember my cousin telling me when I was ten his name was pronounced as “you” or just “u” or something. I either pronounce it like “Ryu- Ree-you”" or “Rye-you” interchangeably.

It’s essentially “you,” but with a R in front of it, but spoken as 1 syllable.

lol @ Bob Sagat.

w.e Seth was just plain annoying,

saying things, like:

AND there is the CLUTCH umehara Dragon punch were used to seeing, like if Daigo was the only person doing clutch uppercuts

And calling Bisons Psycho Crusher a Torpedo attack

And calling Hondas Sumo Slam: in the same match, 2 different names
: “Quote Seth” AND i looks like he intentionally missed that Butt Whiff to catch him with the Ochio"

:Quote Seth" And it looks like the Butt Flop dint work this time,

More monitors out the window

True story: I met a japanese guy in Holland whose name was Tetsuo (pronounced Tet-SU-o, rather than TET-suo as in Akira) and of course, he was always being told/asked by anime geeks that he was mispronouncing his own goddamn name and being asked if he ever saw Akira.
It also didn’t help that his last name was Miyazaki…

And that is pronounced “Ree-tarudosu”, correct?
Just want to make sure so the Cock of Pronunciation doesn’t insert back into your ass again.

I could never understand why some words are pronounced like they should not be

Perfect Example, you guys know the Hockey Golie called Patrick Roy?

I bet all of you READ hes last name as ROIE (Roy) but, the hockey announcers call him Patrick RAW, can anyone explain why?

I mean is not like i can call myself Manny and pronounce it FANNY.

Wait, if you’re enraged by Seth calling moves different names, why do you have the picture of a spinning stick, with the word “hyperblast”(Hie-pr-blsz) under it?! It’s called “spinning pile driver”!(sfillik puuo ghlaptx)

I will now call you Fanny for ever. lol.

Ummm, that is obviouslly his account name. (Nick name he may have gone by for may years)
Thats like if I had an av with a dude doing some chick doggy style with the word “Junior” under it. Doesn’t mean I call “that move” "junior). =D

Funny, I felt the same way when I read this thread.

Dagger Granola. :wasted:


sticky this, so we never have to talk about it ever again.



That crap wasn’t nearly as annoying as the people calling BlazBlue Blazz Blue or Blahz Blue. It’s pronounced BlazeBlue but spelled BlazBlue. Seriously, chat in the evo stream argued for like an hour about this shit until I posted an ArcSys interview where they said it was Blaze Blue, and then some of them still kept arguing lol.

Ryu’s name is at most a pun of the Ryu in Shoryuken. The kanji for his name meaning noble (now it’s just written in katakana) while the ryu in shoryuken is the dragon in “rising dragon fist.”

On another note, Roo sounds closer to the original japanese than the “Ri-yuu” that most americans pronounce it as. Ryu isn’t a sound that you hear in English, live with it.

Did people really think Seth’s comentary was annoying?

I thought he was the BEST commentator in the sense that he did what commentators were supposed to do.

Never a dull moment and gave great play-by-play. Who cares how he pronounces the names or if he had unconventional names for the moves (you STILL knew what move he was referring to).

He also added little tid bits of information about the player or the character here and there and provided great insight as to WHY a player did what he did.

Sure sometimes he assumed on a player’s behalf for their actions, but they were always great educated guesses as to why the move or strategy was performed–allowing the viewer to get inside the player’s mindset to enhance the viewing experience.

Good shit Seth, even though I too was taken back by the “Roo”-ness of the event hahaha.

Not that I actually care, but isn’t it closer to “Yuu” than “Roo”? But like I said before, it’s all good.

I would think that with the way American pronunciation is “Dyuu” or "rYuu"would be a close as we could get.

Though for all you haters out there: To be fair, you don’t pronounce Champagne or Tortilla as “Cham-pag-ne” or “Tor-till-luh”, so I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with trying to get the correct pronunciation for a foreign language without being labeled a weeaboo. If anything, pronouncing common french/spanish/japanese incorrectly just make you look like a douche.