Shocking pink Cannon Special Chains

Fun Cannon Connections. No bbq needed just one special barMake shure to bounce shocking pink for a second before attempting. TIMING IS KEY!! Especially the First one Chain= Cancel out. Ex Hadouken chain Shinkuu hadouken do a move Right after the first to cancel out some animation to make them combo.

Medium Shocking pink Weak attack Hard attack Weak shocking pink chain chun-li assist cannon. Hardest one to me. actually also combo’ed it throwing a voomerang after the second bomb putting it further under him.

Weak shocking pink jump chain chun assist cannon in air.

Weak Shocking pink Voomerang cannon

Weak Shocking Pink (bounce for a sec or two) Slide chain cannon

Weak Shocking pink bomb chun assist chain cannon

Corner only Medium shocking Pink Weak attack Medium Attack Hard attack Weak voomerang chain cannon.

Medium Shocking Pink slide kick chun-li assist chain cannon

Hard Shocking pink bomb weak attack medium attacm hard attack chun-li assist chain cannon

Only had the game for three days. Just some fun chaining the cannon using shocking pink bomb since everyone thinks those moves are so useless. Add more and have fun!