Shodokan's Yun Blog

I decided to start a blog for my newly found absolute obsession with yun and third strike.

Basically it will be a how-to for everything i learn myself as well as everything i practice and how i practice it.

There will also be video break down for every yun matchup i can find on youtube (got a 500 gb external HD so i can hold all of them and such for when i go to college) so if anyone wants a copy of tons of yun matches get at me in a week or so and i should have quite a bit (over 500?)

Should be updated daily… link is in my sig.

Looking forward to reading more :slight_smile:

me too!

I updated my blog

the match i have on there is a test… i bought a DVD recorder so i can record my matches and get opinions and have people tell me what they think i should do differently.

Your Yun has good setups but you arnt playing like a bitch enough. Yun is amazing when he runs away like a whore, you were being too nice and actually poking that urien when you could have dash back cr strong all day and make him do something dumb to chase you.

thx for the advice

also i will update more frequently now, i’ve been realy busy as of late

I just started playing this game again and wanted to pickup Yun.

The combo into Genei-Jin is LP>LK>MP XXGenei-JinXX,but what punch do you hit after that to keep the combo going.I don’t know what I’m doing wrong,but I can’t get the 4th hit in.The opponent enters into blockstun(I’m trying to do it on the computer in Practice btw)


double tap it then do f+hp

is it me or is doing to shoulder thrust easier to conncect after activation?

Whether or not it’s easier - meh, guess it’s personal preference.

The version does slightly more damage (like, a point), but also doesn’t hit on everyone (Dudley comes to mind). Works on most people though, so if you’re comfortable with it, there’s very little reason not to use it.

It’s or Usually, most people will do the staple > f.fp if they’re close enough to the corner. If they’re not, they will either still do that and follow it with a lunge punch to catch them or they they will do to m.shoulder. Personally, I to shoulder because I can’t do standing for the life of me.

Remember, it’s all about timing with that mp. It takes a while but a soon as you get it, it comes second nature.

It’s usually s.strong -> s.fierce -> fierce shoulder.

Wow. I’ve always started with m.shoulder and switched to fierce after the first one. I know you use fierce when x n > s.fierce > f.shoulder. We’re not getting the two confused are we?

Er, well I’m talking about the jab-short-strong string xx genei jin. Then it’s strong -> fwd.fierce xx fierce shoulder.

Huh. You got a vid where that’s used? I’m not sure how you’d connect f.shoulder after a fwd.fierce unless it was corner because fwd.fierce sends them flying back. Maybe I’m just not imagining it right or something.

SHIT. Ignore what I said. I even typed out fwd.fierce in my second post without even thinking about it. Yeah I meant normal fierce. :confused:

Alright. Yeah then we’re talking about the same thing.