Shoebox/Tupperware Sticks questions


I’m planning on making myself a shoebox and/or tupperware joystick because it seems efficient and cheap. what i’m worried about is that it’s not very durable, not comfortable, or not useable at all.

I’m leaning towards tupperware right now, i want to know what your experience is with it. Can you execute well? is it harder?


I suspect tupperware will work but speaking from experience, shoeboxes just aren’t strong enough :shake:


Whichever route you take, I’d suggest you put some sort of support inside the box. Like blocks of wood.


Do it for fun, do it as a learning experience, do it as a trial run, do it as a test build. They’re really easy and super-neat.

Do not do it as your main this-is-what-I’ll-use-to-play-on-forever arcade stick.

If you really do want to use it for a while, I strongly recommend that you add some support to the inside walls as well, and put something in to help weigh it down.



yeah tupperware is weak. It will feel clumsy and will probably be too light even for the most controlled players.

The only purpose I can find for shoebox sticks are test rigs. I made mine with agetec parts and molex connectors just so I had something to test my Xbox 360 pcbs with.


Buy a wooden case instead. I don’t mean a custom arcade case – I mean one from ikea or something that generally holds valuables inside… Like a briefcase but made of wood?

Shoebox builds are good because they don’t flex as much, and if they do – well it’s over for the box. Tupperware boxes flex alot, even on the simplest maneuvers. An wood case you can find somewhere would be the best without being difficult to build.