Shoegazing: Music for crossdressing homosexuals

OR music for self indulgent assholes that love to do whatever the fuck they want. LIKE ME!!!

This video is awesome because it has a wolf in it and wolfs are cool.

This song is great because it captures the feeling I get when I put effort into life and breathing, or responding to all the smart people on this forum.


This is the song I hear when I inject LSD directly into my PROSTATE.


Anyways, make sure you spam as many random links as possible because I want this to be organized. Thanks.

Man, you gotta jump on the Depreciation Guild. Dream About me is just…wow. Song is amazing.


Shoegazing is the best gazing, idk who these stargazers think they are…
Scribble mural comic journal is pretty good all the way through, if ur into shoe gaze id check that album out


bleh bleh bleh stupid thread about stupid genre stupid gay

Not crazy about the genre myself, but Souvlaki is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard.

Also, The Verve made some pretty good psych/shoegazey stuff, the album A Storm In Heaven and their EP are worth checking out.



Japanese Shoegaze, let’s go.

i heard dat!

Just wanted to say I totally agree with this thread title.

What the fuck is Shoegazing?

It’s just a word for the genre.

Some kid in one of college classes said it was coined from the people playing lots of synth and keyboards in the music, therefore always looking down.

… guilty pleasure bruvs…

Lol misleading ass Title.

Might as well say :
“Shoegazing Music : For the Molested, Abused, underappreciated,Gothic, Alone, Wrist Cutters”.

Lol but i’ve been listing to shoegaze for years now. I dig all music but country.

Here some of the artist I like.





This prob help a little



Edit :
From UD :

Best definition I could find

Oh and one more thing Shoegaze music for most people is usually much much better when Intoxicated or Stoned. Your mind will concentrate with ease on the beats, riffs, & tempo of the music.

…first a chillwave thread and now shoegaze?


p.s. does anyone have an indie torrents invite =[

i dont even know if it exists anymore. its been like half a decade since i had an account there…

My favorite genre right here
And my favorite band My Bloody Valentine

Sorry, I only listen to black music.

Then take your ass to the Rock in Roll thread.

Or the jazz thread, or the blues thread, or the white man stealing black people’s music thread.


Stop trying to repress me, whitey.