Shogo's Arcade! Denjin Game Center

edit: close this


and no one cares what that noob yi thinks.

Open that shit! So I can play some Ibara when I come back this Christmas. :slight_smile:

i was going to reply directly to this, but it turned into a long rant…

I talked to rich today, he said he needs to get a final approval from the Fire Marshall? If he gets the ok, the arcade should be opened up this Wednesday or next I believe. So sometime sooooonish!

Man, fuckin fire marshal. Last I heard that guy was supposed to come in around 2 or 3 weeks ago so he could open it 2 or 3 Wednesdays ago :lol:.

-Tha Hindu

Do we have an adress for this arcade yet?

Or is it still under wraps until the grand opening?

This place is sick!


Denjin Arcade
995 Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA

For those that haven’t seen pics yet here are some to keep you drooling:

Spread the word, Denjin Arcade is the best!!!

-Tha Hindu

Denjin Game Center had its 1st 3rd tourney ever.

It was an 8 man, random team, 2on2 tourney.

The first tourney, the first match was:

Bean and Ty


Marc (Urien) and Eric Chin

and the other matchup was

Matt Chin and Useless Tool


Vic and Yi

Yes, I know… the first ever random tourney and the teams came out to be me and Vic. And not to everyones dismiss… WE WIN THE FIRST EVER DENJIN GAME CENTER 3RD TOURNEY! As Vic beats Ty and Bean in the finals.

So after that… we had the 2nd ever tourney at DGC.

Marc (Urien) and Matt Chin


Eric Chin and Vic

Ty and UselessTool


Yi and Bean

This finals comes down to Bean and Yi vs Eric and Vic. Yi beats Vic to win the 2nd ever 3rd tourney at DGC.

Was fun to go to DGC, love Japanese cabs… weekly 2on2 random teams will be held on Wednesday or Thursday nights when the arcade opens next week.

The teams were

Ray Ramos is dead…

I’m sorry. I meant drunk.

Yeah, just rub it in our faces :sad:.

-Tha Hindu

god that was so fun last night.
this place is sick

Is it West or East Los Angeles on the address? Yahoo maps tells me to put one or the other when I type in the address. Also I’m looking foward to Denjin Arcade as well…

So the joint is open then?

Open it Rich! Open it!

Yahoo maps sucks, Google maps is the best. It gives the exact directions.

-Tha Hindu

double true!


Call me when you guys are playing :sad: