Shogo's Arcade! Denjin Game Center


ah fuck I knew I forgot some one. sorry akuma players never come to mind! =P


is there gonna be another 3s session before it opens?

DENJIN GAME CENTER: the future of 3s. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay legit (where civilized ppl play).

Is there a list of games somewhere?

Booo james

hope this place keeps 3s alive

SHOGO! Why must your arcade be so far from me!? =(

from the top of my head…

  • 3 3s h2h cabs
  • 1 h2h cvs2, mvc2, meltyblood (i think the latest ver?), ggac, st, a3 (not 100% sure)
  • 1 cab w/ 2 controls for a2, xvsf
  • a bunch of airplane shooters (supposedly sick ones)
  • i believe 2 maximum tunes
  • and a couple more i’m forgetting

everything is on JAPANESE CABS!!

PS: 3s is not dead you faggots

that’s it and that’s all

i agree!
EDIT: Sorrrrry John i forgot too=[

This is the key info I’d like to know actually :lovin:

I saw a picture for Ibara, what else is up in there?

giga wing 2, some variation of 1942 (is that even the title name??), and i think two more…

get that shooting game where the boss is insanely hard to beat even with continues
(i remember seeing a youtube vid with pink shit 100% allover the screen and the player couldnt avoid getting killed)

Knew someone was gonna post this :looney:.

-Tha Hindu

If anybody is thinking of taking on Ibara (the brutal CAVE shooter that Shogo has got in there), hit me up because I’ll show you some sick replays and I can even rip this DVD of top player ROM going through the game. It’s not a conventional shooter by any means…

Progear no Arashi is a fun game but you’re gonna have to learn how to chain gems in it to get past stage 3.

Fuson, you talking about Dodonpachi? IMO, Shogo should consider picking up Mushihimesama Futari and either Dodonpachi Daioujou or Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu if he can afford it at some point.

as far as other games… he has:
castle shikigami 3
gigawing 2
pro gear
strikers 1945 plus
puyo puyo

theres more machines than there is games to put them in i think. everything looks brand new. dont fuck it up!

ive been to denjin arcade quite a few times so far and i must say it is going to be an incredible arcade

my friend mike and i will be serving up dirty dogs on grand opening and will also be running a pog tournament

get your pogs ready guys cause this shit is no joke

Ahahah opening day is gonna be PAPPIN