All filmed yesterday.


Oh noes.



Also, am I in before ‘swearing in thread titles’ and ‘we have a video forum’ shenanigans?
Oh man I hope I am


lol true.

Anyway, last one looks faked to me.


This would make good viral marketing.


Shit, indeed. That’s what that video was.


Epic Infraction.


wait what


Awsoomah Arienoos!


Oo my gooood

o my goooooooooood


Why does it always have to be flying saucers? The concept of aliens showing up in spinning air crafts is as old as trying to pass it off as being real. I believe their is a possibility of other life but not until it looks a lot more likely than the disc shaped aircraft will I consider it possibly real.

I’m calling viral video on this one too. The final ship looked a little too retarded. I mean even space aliens have to have some class right? Especially if you’re going to be flaunting it on another planet.


I have to agree with this. It’s just retarded how it spins around like some sort of one-winged fly. Also, the first one. Three (at least) very big “craft” (Independence day style). No death, no massive attack. WHY would three huge starships send a huge force like that and not attack?


They had to pick up some things from the super market…