Well, when it comes to fighting games, even if it’s a game that I haven’t touched before, most of the fundamentals are still the same when 3D or 2D. Problem for me is that most people play multiplayer games like shooters which I never touch. Even if they haven’t played the game before, people will still do well like in HALO, Counterstrike, or Timesplitters. I have no idea what to do honestly, the last game that I played seriously as a shooter was Doom2. With stuff like aiming and faster movements, I am not sure what to do. Do I just stand at one location and shoot while moving the camera angle or do I strafe around and try to aim for the head? Don’t really want specifics for different games, but a general way of how to play shooters.

Actually, there is no real general way to play shooters. Most shooters are unique in their methods due to features or various other mechanics.

I’ll try though.

In some games automatic weapons have lots of recoil. To increase accuracy shoot in small, controlled bursts.

To aim better in some games, crouching helps. Jumping and running don’t but you may need to do those things to accomplish anything.

And if weapons lie around the map try to learn the fastest way to your best weapon or the biggest one depending on the game.

If you name the game, we can certainly help you.

As far as shooters go, NEVER STAND STILL. Your head will disappear.

Main shooter i play is time crisis future perfect. The Wii ones are just weird.

Time Crisis? Run around a lot. Find your best weapon, fast (Depending on the weapons set in use). Headshots help but aren’t a HUGE deal in Time Crisis from my experience. Picking small characters helps. :3