Shooting Peaches: Rainbow Mika - Street Fighter V Guide



Hi SRK folks! I’ve written a Steam Guide for R. Mika and hope you guys can check it out.

I’m still in the middle of updating it, primarily finishing up the most optimal combos that I’ve found as well as writing a reset/tech/matchup section.

In many ways I feel like I may have bitten off more than I can chew, especially with how many setup permutations you can have and trying to explain things to the reader. I’ve traditionally posted guides in the SRK Character forums but I feel like the Steam Guide is easier for me to jump between the PC version of the game and the Steam overlay.

Mods, please let me know if it’s okay for me to post a link. If not, I’ll copy and paste the whole thing into a separate thread once it’s done, thank you!

Please provide feedback in this thread or on the guide, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks again!


I’m no Mod, but links are fine, AFAIK. A topic/thread is also dandy.

Edit: you might find value in using the images from eish on DeviantArt - he has posted all of the hitbox images for all characters.


Thanks for the feedback syngin. Once I saw those hitbox images I was thinking about redoing all the attacks I screenshotted but I think I’ll just add a new section to the guide instead.


I like the way you worded her as a “feast or famine” character. VERY accurate


Great guide! Thanks dude.

In the matchup section, it might be useful to insert a list of punishments for every character.
For example, ChunLi’s Legs it’s a free rope throw on block, Ken’s VSkill (step-kick) is punishable with a target combo into Peach/CA… things like this.


Nice guide


Awesome guide, dude. Thanks for taking the time and efford to write it up. I’ll keep an eye out for updates.