Shop: Where are Alex/Guile?


Is this a bug? I can buy the Guile stage, but it does not show me any characters to buy (Alex/Guile). I’ve got 250.000 FM currently. So, this cannot be the reason.

Will we get all season characters at once? Or did somebody successfully buy a new character?


Get the season pass


you can’t buy the characters until the zenny store is released

they’re free to use for now


They r a myth just like the daily challenges


you can only buy them if you beat hard survival mode with all characters




Serious answer, they’re on a free trial basis for now, while the Zenny store has yet to be implemented. Just as long as you sign in on CFN they should be unlocked.


Alex and Guile downloaded to my account automatically, but Steam/SFV didn’t let me know. Like the OP, no characters appeared for download - and that’s because they were already installed. I noticed when I actually went into the game looking for them. Check training/story mode and they’re probably there already.