The best sticks Qanba Best Sitong Sunga [International shipping]


Hi guys,
I am Maurizio, manager of, a quite new e-commerce born to offer their clients the best service and products out there.
Our main market is Italy but as far as arcade sticks are concerned, the rest of the world is more appealing to us.
Let’s face it, the US and the Rest of the world are well know for their skills when it comes down to fighting games, and we want to provide You the best sticks,accessories that Asia can offer.

We are situated in Shenzhen,China and as far as the shipping is concerned, all the products can be shipped by DHL,FEDEX or HK POST (airmail up to 2000g).

Our website is entirely in Italian, BUT as You can see we can speak quite a decent english so I leave You with the direct link to the arcade products of our website:

If you need some help or informations about our products please send us an email to / , we will more than happy to help you.

Last but not least the shipping cost, the shipping cost for one arcade stick is more or less 50USD.

Feel free to reply here or by email.




So the cheapest stick you have with all Sanwa or Seimitsu parts is around $150 shipped in US dollars and $210 for the most expensive. I notice you also have some even cheaper models but there all off-brand buttons and stick


The off-brand buttons and sticks feel more or less like the sanwa JLF (stick wise),the buttons in other hand are not sensible as much as the sanwa/seimitsu’s but still better than those knock off ala SE.
One of my (italian) customer bought two sticks one was the BEST and one was the QANBA Q2, in terms of quality and perfomance he can’t find any deep differences between the 2 sticks (he is a kof player). As soon as i have time I will upload a video he sent me for the BestvsQanba.

The off-brand Best stick have pretty much the same feeling as the japanese’s, they are not the same but they provide mostly the 99% of the sanwa’s JLF feeling.


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