ShoppingMallJapan Spring sale and discounts


Hey for those of you who have been wanting to start doing your thing with Yahoo Japan auctions, ShoppingMallJapan, a middleman service, has finally started a referral program which is pretty good. Details here: as well as a spring sale (good for April)

All you need is someone who is already a member and has won an auction to give them the auction ID that they won. Which a number of people on the boards here can provide.

I haven’t been using SMJ in a while but saw this today. Their service is sometimes not as good as I would like, but I’ve never had any huge problems with them and never had anything lost.

Be careful to read all the details about shipping and fees though. You may think something is a good idea for 1000yen (~$10) but then after shipping and fees is all said and done, you may be spending four times that or maybe more.



can you reup the link? doesnt seem to work



Sorry I edited the first post and just put the smj homepage. There’s a banner there that links to details.



You forgot the Japan in the first post link, haha.

Anyone order a video game that can tell me about how much it was to ship it?


I can help anybody out with those referrals :V


That’s what I get for posting so late and on my iPhone. Corrected one last time, damn it!



Now need correct again!

The URL has “mall” twice, instead of “japan” as the second.