Short Anime/Manga You wanted More Of


I thought that some of the Manga’s such as Death Note and Cowboy Bebop was just a great story and well written that it left you believing the author’s could of done more with it. Such as Death Note with a great cast of characters and villians with nice creativity and a thought of if you had that book what would do with it. With Cowboy Bebop it’s the same, Spike had great fighting ability and so did Vicious who I thought should of been more involved with the story. But I thought with these Short Anime/Manga more could of been added to expand volumes, to me it was just too short and characters died too soon especially Light Yagami, and Spike vs Vicious reminded of of Berserk and that fight ended way too soon.


Berserk, Pluto (maybe not more of, but more like it), Scrapped Princess…

Hmm I haven’t watch much anime in a while nor have I read much manga. The only thing I keep up with is Naruto just because I want it to be over.


Isn’t there already an amine/manga thread


Most people seem to be too pussy to join us in there.

Anyway, Anime wise I needs more Bacanno! and Spice & Wolf. I’ve come to terms with FLCL, more it would be superfluous.



Brozenken, Bro Pants, and Radiantsilverbro3 got it right, we has a thread and it’s p. good check it out.


IceRevo :sad:


the guyver… old series not the new one, hajime no ippo, Bacanno… eventhough the last episode sucked. cowboy bebop…








Skull man (10 eps wasn’t enough)
Lycanthrope Leo/Retsuo Reo (I’m told the japanese version actually did continue for quite a few more issues and shit got real)


Vampire Hunter


I know its not short but the anime stopped, Hitman Reborn, though the manga is still going.
Black Cat was short. They could have made more of a story for the characters, there were so many characters in the anime but had no back-round history


Boku no Pico. The world needs more Boku no Pico.



And Meteor.


Cyborg 009

Homie died before finishing it.


cromartie high school, detroit metal city, kenichi


Dat 20th Century Boys nigga, woooooo.


History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi. I know they’ve made an OVA and there’s another slated for May release. There’s also a possibility for another season but no official word yet, to my knowledge.


Kekkaishi needs more. Though 50 some episodes is pretty long, it didn’t really have a closure.