Short Axl Combo Vid


Some people had said that they wanted a rough idea of how Axl’s combos work, so I did a short vid a few days ago. Messed around with some Jump Installing, and note the Meaty 6H on Chipp(without RC). Anyhow, not really a serious vid but if you wanna learn some basic Axl application it has the basis of it. I included some of the basic combos specifically for the new people. Anyhow!

Many thanks to Kugler for hosting the vid. Enjoy!


I guess I’ll be the first to say very nice :smiley:


It’s a nice vid, all of the combos are quite damaging, though not quite as practical as they could be (lots of CH-based stuff going on). It would be the perfect “basic” vid if you threw in some more practical stuff that occurs often in matches (stuff like 2D -> Rensen then FRC). I know it sounds like the most obvious of the obvious things you could do, but it would still be nice for people who are trying to get into the character. Some of the stuff in there is actually rather esoteric (some interesting JI applications after RCs). Still, very nice vid.


Kugler didn’t host shit you fucks! That’s Hah Coe’s web space. Peace out TMCC stylez werd to yo mothaz.


Haha, chill out Mr. Carey. Don’t be bitter cuz I beasted on that class.


Yeah, I felt the same about it. I know a lot of it is impractical type stuff, but he’s sorta limited in what he can do practically that everyone doesn’t already know =P I didn’t really intend this specifically for new people to learn from, just a general idea how his combos go after they start(IE, after Rensen FRC or a shoryuken RC). I didn’t do the obvious stuff like Axl Bomber loops and the basic combos of his like 2K or 6H meaty stuff…but if someone wants to see that I can create em a short clip and they can ask me on AIM or something :smiley:

Doh, sorry Hah Coe. I didn’t know that was your web space specifically(I know nothing about webspace/hosting things). Much credit to you too then. Sorry about that :confused:


Most of the counterhits were practical I think, 63214S and 6P definitely are.

How does the 6H combo against Chipp? I thought it was only on wakeup.


don’t give him credit. he eats cheez-doodles all day long. i am the man behind the power!