Short Hop into M Wire Grapple



Loads of times, in numerous places, I’ve seen players use Ariel Wire Grapple M, to finish off combos after Bionic Lancer. In almost every instance I’ve witnessed this (For example, the BIONC ARRRMMM video) the player performs a jump that only goes half way the length it should, which puts them at the correct altitude to connect WG M. No matter how many times I try, and no matter how fast I think I’m performing the input, I always go the full height of the standard jump, and miss. I have been able to perform a similar combo finisher using Air Wire Grapple H, but I think I’ve been able to WG M after Bionic Lancer only once by some miracle of corner placement. Is there a trick to doing the short-hop, or do you have to perform the input as fast as humanely possible?


You have to TK (Tiger Knee) the Wire Grapple. That means that you have to do the motion for the Wire Grapple (QCF), but you end it in upforward. As soon as Spencer leaves the ground you have to input M.

Seeing as you’re clearly new to fighters I’d advise you to read the following:

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Also this question doesn’t deserve it’s own thread. This could have been answered in the question topic.