Short hops,super hops execution tips?

Hi im new to kof but ive been doing some of the missions in the game so I have some kind of knowledge of the game. anyway to make a long story short how do i consistently do the short hops because i find it hard to consistently do it i normally just get a regular jump instead.

you tap and let go as quickly as you can. i see too many people mashing down on buttons/directions like force is going to make things more accurate. that’s not the case. while playing fighters your hands NEED to be as relaxed as possible. pretend like you’re being taught the piano by a strict teacher who accepts nothing but perfection. perfection is only going to come from repetition.

elegance is the key

It’s not perfect, but in Dandy J’s tutorial video, he suggests to ‘press up and then down as quick as possible’, in order to get the speed of the ‘up’ tap down. It’s a bit of a crutch, and if you don’t learn to simply hop by tapping, you’re going to get in trouble with Kyo since you won’t be able to do j.C only j.d+C, but it helped me a lot at first.

By grinding through about half the trials I’ve realized the only way to do hops consistently is to focus on returning the stick to neutral right away after tapping the upward direction. Iori’s (trial 9 I think) is a good one to practice this on, since it requires you to activate HD mode in mid-air, and the only jump that will allow the combo to continue is a super hop. It’s something that is actually vital to completing lots of characters’ trials since so much of the time you’ll get an unintentional desperation if you don’t return the stick very briefly to neutral after every quarter-circle or half-circle motion.

I just press up~down like phoenixnl suggested. The down input itself doesn’t do anything, but doing it keeps you from holding up too long and getting a normal jump.

yeah I was messing around with methods and the up down seems to work the best. I tried just flicking it but when I let go of the stick it ruins my flow

Assuming you are playing on a Sanwa stick, the switches activate with minimal movement, so keep that in mind as well. You want to move the stick as little as required to get the move out, and that will make things easier.