Short Interview to Amiyu

Well guys, as I had told you, I had a brief interview with Amiyu. He’s super kind and really modest. The questions I asked are the ones I gathered here and in some other forums/websites. I tried to send the interview to the webmaster of but nobody answered to my email. Lol.
Here it is:


Thanks man!

This interview was amiyusing.

Amiyu, y u no arrogant and talkative? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

I’m submitting this to Ehubs for you.

Lol, yeah, he should be more arrogant! Instead whenever I talk to him, he begins saying he always misses combos, doesn’t know the match ups and doesn’t see why other players should look at him as example for Gen. He’s very modest, sometimes toooo modest :smiley:


I’ve been trying to copy his style ever since I saw him.
What distinguishes him from others is not the crazy execution (he doesn’t do crazy stuff very often), but the consistency of his execution. I rarely see him miss bnbs and other stuff.

That, coupled with his solid non-risky gameplay make him a great player. It just saddens me that few players use those safe jump methods we have on that awesome table.
I’ve been abusing forward throw > lp roll > crane crossup for a long time now. And it works soooooo often. And against certain characters it works like Adon’s crossup (hit early/late and it hits front/crossup).

It’s great to have an Amiyu interview! Too bad he didn’t talk much.

It’s on Ehubs now :slight_smile: