Short Interviews w/ AfroLegends and Damdai


Just finished posting these up on Enjoy!



Very nice job. I enjoyed both interviews.


Great stuff!


Awesome interviews, good to see this! AfroLegends won 8-2 as DeeJay against my Dhalsim this week online! I fared better with Ryu but once you go up against his huge combos, one or two hits could mean the round and you’re out. He kind of had that ability before so I think he’s just making better use of DeeJay’s normals, can’t be sure but good to see him getting in top shape for the big show this year. And Damdai representing the east coast, take off some of the pressure from each other maybe, with the big foreign invasion headed your way. Get in as many games as you can and make sure to record all this! Good luck


Good work!


its hard to retire from ST, the best fighting game ever, some argue HF is the best one and ST bein g the second best


^ I don’t think I played HF much, so I’d place ST above it and HDR a hair above that. Is HF more balanced or something?

Cool interviews btw.


HF is a pretty well-balanced game. The entire cast roster is viable, with maybe the exception of Claw and Dictator, but even that’s debatable. So when 14/16 characters are usable in a tournament, that’s a pretty awesome ratio that you won’t in any other game.


Wow, that is pretty balanced. 14/16 is better than anything I can think of atm.


Whoops, just noticed I accidentally counted the Super characters, so it’s more like 10/12. You get the idea.


As someone who played HF extensively, I’d say Rog, Bison, and Vega (especially if he lands on his own stage) are absolutely horrendous compared to the tools the rest of the cast has. Gief (with his no wiff SPD and great kick lariat) may have snuck into the top tier with Ryu and Guile. The rest of the cast is ok. I’d be interested to see what ST chun players could do with HF Chun’s full screen non charge fireball.


are USA and JPN versions of HF the same? or chars have different attributes?

Ps:CPS1 chains make the game broken.


No they don’t. The high dizzy output of CPS1 SF2 in general kind of evens out those who have the CPS1 chains and those who don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comparison of HF roms. Since HF wasn’t really that popular outside the US I don’t think anyone really cares. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a regional breakdown of any SF2 rom besides ST.




@studtrooper Chun had a non-charge FULL SCREEN fireball? Well shit, I’d like to get into HF, try it out. Seeing what ST players could do with it would be interesting, too. As an HDR player I know I’d love it. Don’t tell me she had a working anti-air too or I’ll lose my shit.


I think her SBK may have gave her a wake-up reversal escape/semi anti-air like O.Chun had in ST. Not sure though since I don’t play her.


If it’s reliable, I’m switching to HF and never looking back.


Her SBK can be used as a semi reversal, since it has a lot of invulnerability, but still gets blown up by lows.

But she’s quite good. Really good normals on the ground and in the air. Just played a bit of HF tonight at Super Arcade, and she can be a handful. Still loses to basic zoning patterns due to her super floaty jump, but solid character to play.

The best thing is Gief’s kick lariat. Holy shit. They should’ve never changed Gief since HF. He is too much fun.


Sounds fair, don’t mind lows, it’s jump-ins that scare me.

Glad I got a 360 now, I don’t see this on PS3. How’s the online community? I just may dive in…for all my love of HDR, I need me some competent Chun!